Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today we...

Cut out a picnic/beach quilt from the 60%-70% off stash
Picked Bell peppers for "Paula Deans" stuffed red peppers, family fav!!

Dug up the onions, turned out to be 4 pounds, not as good as I was hoping for but better than the marble size we had last year! Golf ball to tennis ball size this time, maybe next year they will get to baseball/softball size

Played with Kara in her new hat Nanny scored on clearance just in time for the 4th!

And I pulled a tendon in my leg saving Kara who somehow got to the 3rd step when I turned my back, she was headed down the stairs head first just as I caught her mid air.

Well we have had quite a day around here, I am now sporting a bum leg. Working the garden and getting the onions in the dehydrator tonight wasn't much fun. I need to get busy on bread and butter pickles tomorrow night after supper, the cucumbers have come on strong, they won't wait around much longer, bum leg or not. To top off the day I jumped in on a no spending challenge for a week over at Carla's blog check out her place you are sure to like it! I am now wondering if I have ever thing we need to pull off the 4th holiday. Kara and I stopped in at the local farm today to pick up corn but it won't be enough for our cook out Monday so I am thinking I might have to break the rules a bit for fresh corn other than that we should be just fine. Tomorrow looks to be another busy day, Rambo man took the rest of the week off after returning from a short trip to VA. We will be picking Ty up in the morning to help Papaw do some guy stuff and make a trip to the dump (he loves the dump), the boat is ready to headed back to the lake, I have a sewing class from 12:00-5:00, need to bake some zucchini bread, shred the rest of the zucchini and get it in the freezer then mix up enough of Paula Deans pepper stuffing for the whole durn family, yep I am doing carry out tomorrow night! If I am still standing I will can a batch of bread and butter pickles, we have run totally out. Oh ya, and I cut out and sorta decided on a super easy beach quilt using some of the fabric I picked up at the going out of business sale awhile back. I don't plan on using batting in the quilt. I am thinking the sand and batting won't do well together. I was thinking I would just piece the quilt put on a backing and use the tie off method to pull it all together but then I know the babies will drive us crazy trying to pull the ties out so I need to come up with something else to hold it all together, buttons would be super cute but very uncomfortable to lay on and again the babies would be all over the buttons, any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!


  1. Love the uber cute fabric!! I would just "top stitch" to keep the layers in place... Nothing for the babies to try to eat, and no button marks on your butts!! lol! ;)

    Love Karas little hat!! Soo sweet! I used to love finding little old fashioned hats & bonnets for my girls... Miss that!

    Thanks for joining my Fiscal Fast! I'll wish us both luck! ;)

  2. Carla, I think your right on putting the beach quilt together, I checked with the ladies at the store they felt the same way.
    Your fiscal fast saved me quite a bit of money yesterday at the sewing class!! They are getting in the Christmas prints. I had to do the chris cross applesauce a few times but I got out with no spending!