Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Our Grands
New Baby/Child's quilt started

Love this fabric

Hope everyone had a great Fathers Day. We celebrated this morning with the kids, grands, my sister and her hubby at Olive Garden for brunch. We did this for Mothers Day this year as well, it works out great in that we still have time with all the kids but it frees up the day for them to have with their own little families.

Rambo man and I spent the afternoon in the garage doing rearranging, cleaning out and taking a few loads of unnecessary stuff to Goodwill. Finished the day off selling the trailer!!! 2/3 of the money is now in the savings account (did you know you can deposit cash in the teller machine) the other 1/3 Rambo man has stashed away for some projects he wants to work on. As an added bonus I put his favorite toilet paper (Charmin) in all the bathrooms, I have plenty of all brands stockpiled in the attic. Shhh, I don't want him getting into the good stuff.

Saturday morning we took Tyler to the strawberry patch to do some picking, as I had figured they were over for the season but we did score some sweet corn so he was still a happy little guy corn on the cob is a favorite of his and his Daddy. Rambo man had a charity ride in the afternoon so I had some free time to start a baby or child's quilt with some of the 60% off fabric I picked up awhile back. I want to do a traditional quilt with this one using batting, backing and bound edges. I haven't decided the weight of batting and what backing I want to put on it. I am leaning towards the blue print for the back and maybe a combo of all the materials for the binding or just the animal print, can't wait to see it finished up!! I have Kara for most of the week, Mom picked up a few extra days to help cover the cost of the new mother board they had to replace when the air went out last week so my play time will be limited but whats new, my play time is always limited. Off to pack Rambo's lunch for tomorrow, organize some leftovers for meals this week then close down the kitchen and head to bed. Looking forward to another week of frugal adventures in living.

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