Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekly Spending

My place mats finally finished!

For the second week in a roll we are under budget! Yepee, not by much but still under is better than over. I don't bother taking the extra to the bank any more seems like a waste of time and gas so I just throw it in a drawer for weeks that we run short, if it begins to amount to much I can always go to the bank (not likely)

I read an interesting article last week in the USA Today, inflation is up by only 1.9% this year but the confidence rating still remains low. They blamed the low confidence rating on the continued high unemployment. The interesting part was in little bitty words at the bottom of the inflation chart it said food, gas, and utilities not included in the inflation %. Well, Well, Well what a surprise, Hey Mr. Numbers man food, gas, and utilities are a pretty big deal around our house and the price is skyrocketing in our neck of the woods. The news media and the powers that be in Washington still insist the way out of this recession is to spend our way out, if everyone would start feeling good again and hit the stores with some plastic money all our worries would be over. Count our family out, me and mine are gonna stick to the spending plan and keep cutting back. With the continuing flooding, wildfires, and devastating storms in our country this year food prices are sure to keep rising, how can the farmers get in the fields when they are under water? And why would anyone still believe what the experts in Washington suggest when their own budget is so far in the red even my own grands won't be able to pay it off. GRRRRR.

Off the depressing stuff and on with the frugal fun! I have had inquiry's about the flower place mats I made for the grands BD and for our own table. I found the pattern in the book "Quilting In No Time" by Emma Hardy. The first one I made I followed the directions but didn't care for the results so I changed things up a bit. I will try and post a step by step of the process in the next day or so, they look hard but really and truly its not, I am all about fast, easy and cheap!

Here's the weekly spending!

fabric store - $20.00

Joann's fabric - $31.00

Grocery store - $23.00

Eating out - $27.00

Gas - $55.90

Total spent $156.00, under budget by - $54.00


  1. Leave it to the gvmt. to tell everyone to spend, spend, SPEND!! pft... Morons. lol!

    I'm super excited for the placemat tutorial!! :)

    Awesome job on coming in under budget again!! Yay!

  2. Alright Carla it took 3 posts but I think I got all the instructions for the flower place mats done, blogger wouldn't let me load it all in one post so you will have to go back to the first post then print that one and the next 2 GRR