Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekly Spending

Tomato patch
Lots of firewood to split this fall, way in the back of this pile is 3 more huge trees cut into logs

We are talking big trees!!

Just when we think we have a plan worked out something comes along and sets us back. Rambo man took the week off last week before returning to the office and maybe a bit more of a normal life, whatever that is. He was able to get a ton of little things done around the house and yard but even with a week devoted to home projects we have lots more to catch up on, so the plan was to work in the yard or garage for 2 hours together after supper each night for a week. We came up with a new weekly spending plan with his expenses figured in for gas and whatever little things might come up then he was off to the office this morning at 6:00 AM. He called me at 6:30 as I was on my way to pick up Karsyn to let me know that there was a really good possibility he would need to go to TX to help out with a problem, grr...(Me) when?... (him) today. Got Karsyn settled in, threw the old body in high gear to get the laundry done just in case then started working in the back pantry to get the jelly put up. Sure enough he was home by 10:00AM to pack and head to TX. Don't know if I have shared this before but Rambo man does not fly!!! Unless he is on a project that is out of the country he drives wherever the project is. His company knows his deal with flying so they don't expect him to be anyplace in a few hours time. The area in TX he is headed to is 18 hours, he got in 12 hours today and will finish up and be on site by late tomorrow for what should be a week (ya right, a week turns into 2 at least)

I am felling a bit fussy tonight. Sometimes it is just overwhelming to keep up a home and yard the size of ours on your own. I know I could hire some of the yard work out and the little repaires around the house but I am too cheap to go that route. Add keeping up with two mobile babies 5 or 6 days a week cuts into the daylight working hours! Have I mentioned the little girls are both crawling now? Yep and they decided to start pulling up on whatever is within reach this week. I finally had to put them in their exersaucers this afternoon for a Nanny timeout, I even turned the TV on so they could watch "Little Bill". They are both little dolls, but they WEAR me out!!!

On to the weekly spending;

Getting the trees taken care of ran us $1,400.00 when all was said and done, we had the money put back in our spending savings account but writing the check was still no fun. Waking up to a tree or two in the bed would have been even worse so I will not fuss anymore about that. New tires on the Jeep that hasn't been driven in 3 years was $500.00. Still fussing about that one! Rambo man has a thing about collecting anything with wheels

Gas - $81.60

Groceries - $18.68

Walmart -$26.31

Strawberries - $44.00

Sunday Dinner - $40.00 Picked up BBQ and some of the fixins for dinner

Total spent - $209.00

Over budget by - $9.00, I can live with that

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  1. We have a ginormous tree in our backyard too, it's just massive! I hope you're feeling better soon & your meds kick in. You do soo much, with your grand babies, housework, etc... No wonder you get tired! I'm beat by the end of the day & I'm pretty sure I'm younger than you are. So kudos to you! I've sad it before, and I'll say it again, you're very inspiring!! :)

    Yay on the budget! $9 ain't bad! ;)