Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wheelin and Dealin

Daily harvest for now
Big fat savings!!

For a change the garden is weeded, peppers and tomato's are staked and another level of twine has been added, strawberry bed has been cleaned up and blossoms cut back, herbs have been trimmed back with some in the dehydrator, the lawn is mowed and tidyed up, deck is cleaned and looking spiffy. Nothing like a day without babies and an extra pair of hands around to help out!!
Rambo man went into the office for a few hours this morning while I headed out on some errands. I had $40.00 to spend in Kholes bucks before the weekend. I wanted to get the biggest bang for my buck, socks for Christmas were still not on sale, the Grands need nothing, so I started wondering around the different departments to see what was on clearance. Found the red, white and blue queen size quilt pictured above at 60% off. I had been thinking about making a small quilt for 4th of July for the family room. The only one I could find was the floor display, found a clerk who agreed to take it down and sell to me. I started thinking... hummm maybe they will mark it down a bit more since it was on display, sure enough they took and additional 20% off. YAHOO Bottom line regular price was $199.99, my price was $63.99 used my $40.00 in Kholes bucks, the out of pocket cost was $23.99!!!!!
Off to Wally world next to use .75 cent off coupons from Sunday's paper for canning jars, picked up 3 cases of pint jars and 1 case of jelly jars, only saved $5.00 but hey that's better than no savings.

The whopper of the deal came in the afternoon when the mail ran. Rambo man wanted a spray in/on liner for his bubba truck. I try to figure as much as I can in our monthly spending plan to have put back for the big stuff but a truck bed liner wasn't on the list we struck a deal that when his refund for the deposit on the rental house in VA came in he could use that for his liner. Don't you know the check came today! So the bubba truck is headed to the shop tomorrow for the work and we have $87.50 leftover.

The dealin didn't stop there. We need a new Sun shade top for the stupid boat at a cost of $446.80 that also wasn't in my spending plan, sorry Charlie it will have to wait until the expenses from the TX trip comes in. After supper as we were checking around the Internet for a cheap little getaway JUST FOR US maybe using Hilton or American Express rewards I realized we had enough AM points to score a $600.00 gift card to use any way we see fit. The gift card will arrive by Monday. Monday night Rambo man can set down and order the sun screen for FREE with money leftover on the gift card.

Be still my little racing heart. All on his own Rambo man decided today the Harley trailer is just taking up space in the driveway. We have used the thing one time in the 4 years we have had it, each year we still have to pay taxes, tags, and keep insurance on it. He place an ad on Craig's list tonight at 6:00, already have 3 people who want to look at it tomorrow afternoon. If that sucker sells 2/3 of the money is headed to savings 1/3 is for Rambo mans wanta/gotta have list. If he keeps this up I might just spring for his favorite toilet paper (if it's on sale with a coupon) Feels like Christmas around here tonight!!!!


  1. You go girl!!! And Rambo's favourite toilet paper?!? He's lucky to have you, I say!!! ;) lol!!!

  2. Charmin double ply mega rolls melts his heart