Friday, June 3, 2011

Let there be light

The tree fella's got a start yesterday and hope to finish today, we have had another tree struck by lighting since we got the estimate a few weeks back so the bill will be climbing a little higher than we thought, we are also having them cut up any tree's that would make good firewood into 16 inch pieces we will rent a splitter in the fall to finish up the job. As you can sorta see by the photo's we have a very wooded lot, many of the trees are beginning to fail because of the canopy created by so many trees, cutting a few out should keep the others healthier and provide a little more sunlight for the garden.

Rambo man is off getting estimates on repairing my car from the wreak last week, so far one has been crossed off the list for suggesting we rent a car now instead of waiting until the parts come in when he can really begin the work "After all the insurance will pick up the bill". It is that sort of thinking that brings up the cost of insurance for everyone, we don't deal with cheaters or folks who want to skim off the top, I am so proud that Rambo man let him know that as he walked away with our business.

Karsyn has decided today is gonna be fussy girl day,UGH I did get the bread on to rise this morning, supper is laid out and did a little vacuuming but until she changes her mood looks like I will be her teething ring. Kara is due over for the rest of the day soon, sure hope she isn't in a fussy girl mood as well.

Tips on saving a few bucks will have to wait, the home front is calling in a VERY loud way. But here is something to think about, it helps keep me motivated on those days when I want to throw the spending plan out the window and act like the rest of the broke people in the world.

If this paycheck was your last check what would you do with it? Head to the mall, go buy a new car, pick up a few steaks to throw on the grill over the weekend, maybe go out for dinner and a movie? What silly spending could you cut out today? What reoccurring bills are coming into the house that are really not necessities? Are you making minimum monthly payments on credit cards? Do you have a super nice car that you are making payments on? Little changes can make a big difference.


  1. That's quite the sight to see isn't it?! Glad you're able to use some of it for firewood! Great idea!! :) I didn't spend a dime today, and have really been watching our pennies. We will have a new (tight) budget in place soon, so there will be little discretionary spending happening here!

  2. Good luck on tightening the budget, I have been working numbers for days to see where I can cut back, It is a never ending battle