Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sewing Hangover

Starting early in the kitchen

3 quarts of dehydrated Strawberries

Morning escape

The babies left a little early yesterday at 5:00 so I would have time to make it to my 6:00 sewing class. The drive down in rush hour traffic was hair raising but I made it in time to set up and be ready for class at 6:00, even had time for a potty break. What a treat to set down on the throne without a worry of where the little girls have gone off too. Unfortunately I was the only one who had purchased my supplies in advance (I follow the rules) it took an hour for everyone to pick out their material and all the extras. I wondered around looking at the new stock but didn't spend one red cent. After working on our 6 month spending plan (still working) I had no appetite to spend money. Class was over at 10:15, I finally arrived home at 11:00 with a 90% completed project,grrrr
The earliest I figure I can get back to it and finish up might be Saturday unless of course I have Kara for the day then all bets are off. I did have time to look at some of the upcoming classes next quarter while waiting on the slackers, OMG they have the sweetest reversible sun dress for little girls that is a must take, also a beginers 9 patch quilt that is a real possibility. I took my baby quilt in for some constructive criticism before I gift it this weekend, figured I would still have time to make any changes they might suggest, no changes necessary!! Yepeee

Today and tomorrow are survival days, I will still have both girls full time, it's been a LONG week. They are thrilled with their new mobility. Exploration, destruction and eating the smallest piece of dirt or fuzz from the floors is all they have on their little minds, naps are few and far between when they are together now. School is finished for teachers next Tuesday!! Karsyn will be home with Mommy until August when Mom heads back to the classroom then it is decision time do I keep her until December when she will have reached her 1 year Birthday or should she go ahead in daycare full time so she has a routine in place? Mom and Dad's decision, I am free to help out until January when some big changes will be coming about......surprise announcement tonight!

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  1. You surely do have your hands full! lol! I can't believe nobody had their supplies! What an utter waste of time! :/ The sundress class sounds great! You'll have to show us what you create! :)

    I'm curious as to what your announcement is!!