Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pantry Cleanup

Kitchen pantry
Back pantry (1)

Back pantry (2)

Back pantry (3)

Karsyn and I were on our own today so I decided to tackle the pantries, we have (4) more shelving
units, (3) in the back pantry and (1) in the kitchen pantry but getting a photo of them is impossible as crammed in the rooms as they are. With as much food as we have around here I have to keep a eye on things so nothing hits the expiration date, we had that happen over Memorial Day weekend with a jar of cheese dip. The boys wanted a midnight snack so I told them to warm up some cheese dip with nachos, I was busy in the scrap room. Rambo man thought the cheese looked a little funny, when I checked it out it was a globby rubbery mess. It had expired 2 month's prior, now the websites say canned cheese has an indefinite shelf life but I am here to tell you that ain't so, maybe it was still good to eat but there was no way I was going to take that chance. While I was at it I did an inventory of what we are low on, not much really other than Lima beans and black beans. Also pulled out an overabundance of several things, sent home 2 bags of groceries with Daughter #1 tonight when I dropped Karsyn off, have a few bags for Daughter #3 tomorrow and a nice size box going for the food pantry. I still need to hit the spice cabinet and backup spice cabinet along with the baking shelving unit then I am done, next week will be all about scrubbing down the doors, drawers, walls and baseboards, with everything back in order in the cabinets the rest should come together pretty quick.

Karsyn was a pistol today, the kid was into everything. When the girls first started crawling they wouldn't go off the carpet so I could put them in the nursery/dinning room and still keep up with them from the kitchen. They are past that stage now, Kara would prefer carpet so she moves very slowly on the hardwoods. Karsyn on the other hand has no fear that kid can move!! Today I got her out of the pots and pans, coupon binder and cookbooks, out from under the rocking chair as well as under the end tables, climbing the bakers rack, changing table, bookcase, crib and trying a bite of the dog food. Karsyn is only 8 months old, me thinks she is gonna be like Daughter #2, if so Heaven help her poor Mommy and thank goodness for great health insurance cause they are gonna need it!! It's early to bed for me with a good book, I have both babies all day tomorrow then a sewing class tomorrow night, my to do list tomorrow is to survive with enough energy to get to class!


  1. Wow! You ave a good stockpile there! Especially since you were able to share so much! That's awesome!

    Hope your day tomorrow isn't too "exciting" and you have fun at your sewing class! What are you working on? :)

  2. We will be making a scrap sack plus in class tonight,very intresting, it is a ironing pad, pin cushion, garbage sack combo for the sewing area and /or the ironing board. The pattern is by "Oceanlake Design" Finally making something that will be all mine!!