Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Task

Tyler loves the pressure washer, he has no idea it isn't really on!

Dear Lord, please let this be the last time I ever have to help clean the boat.... Thank you, Amen

Yes the work on the boat is so hard and time consuming that a prayer is needed!! We have maybe one more evening of cleaning the outside panels then it will be ready to put back in the water to enjoy for the 4th of July, for what I hope is the last time. Rambo man has someone who is already interested, he saw it when it was still in the boat slip covered in winter grim, if he liked it then he should fall in love when he sees it this time. We still have to install the canopy when it gets in but surely that won't be as hard as what we have been doing for the past 2 days. We have had about every neighbor stop by this weekend to talk about the boat, seems they thought we had traded the Harley trailer for the boat. Ha, Never really thought about it but when we bought the boat we had it put in the water and have never had it out until this weekend. I think Rambo man might be having second thoughts on selling this monster. I may have to remind him often what a pain in the butt the cleaning, upkeep and expenses are on this 26 foot floating money pit.

I took a break Saturday to get in on the 50% off sale for batting and thread NICE!! Also went by the fabric outlet to see what they had, turns out to be only drapery and upholstery fabric, durn. While I was out and about I ran into a friend who told me Joann fabric was doing a soft opening Saturday and had a 50% off cotton fabric sale going on, out of the way ladies I am headed down the highway. I was able to get the fabric I needed for the rug class next week for $27.00 WOHOO!! beats the heck out of what I was going to have to pay, also picked up some fabric to work on a quilt for Tyler for Christmas this year. He has a thing for elephants, the child's quilt I just finished has elephants on it, I thought he might take one look and want it for himself but he told me they were not real elephants just pretend ones for little kids. His little sister Karsyn on the other hand started squealing as soon as she saw it, I put it down for her to see, she hustled he little tushy over hopped on and didn't stop touching it and laughing. Karsyn must be partial to primary colors! I put the quilt back for her to receive at Christmas. I am thinking all the Grands might get a quilt this year as well as Rambo man if I can find enough Peanuts material to make one for him.

It's early to bed around our house tonight, the manual labor is more than we are use to. I want to get in my "little room of sin" for a bit this evening and line up a few things to work on next week. I don't have any of the Grands until Wednesday so maybe can have a little play time by myself!

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