Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our BIG Surprise!!!

Grand Baby #4 is on the way!!

Meet the newest addition to our ever growing family. Daughter #1 and Hubby are expecting their 3rd child December 8th. Whoever he/she is looks to have some "Big Foot" feet, large hands and a pretty nice size head. Nanny's are not allowed to have a preference of a boy or girl, we are just happy to get whatever doll baby God decides we need (shhh,boy please). We normally call our new grands "Oscar" until Mom and Dad find out what gender will be arriving but Tyler has already decided he will be getting an new sister that he can decorate!! He has named the new baby "Baby Gaga", humm I am thinking the kid might be watching a few to many music video's.

With the addition coming at the end of the year Daughter #1 and Hubby will be deciding if they want to put Karsyn in daycare this fall or wait until January after the new baby arrives and Mom heads back to work. Karsyn will be a year old in October so we are pretty close to the one year mark. As much as I would love to have each and every one of the grands with me every day I know my limits, I am pretty darn close to the limit right now!! I feel strongly enough that infants need to be in a home environment at least for the first year that I made a promise with myself years ago that their first year is on me if Mom is unable to leave the workplace. So far so good, this past year has been challenging, inspiring, exhausting, bust a gut laughing, in other words a blessing from God. I am so thankful that I have been able to keep up with the babies, help the adult kids out when I can with a home cooked meal now and then and still squeeze in a little me time. With the fella upstairs on my side I hope to pull it off for an additional year with grand #4.

Keeping the Grands this year has been a huge help staying on track with our spending. I am in no shape to be dragging those crazy heavy infant seats around in and out of stores so I keep my butt at home for the most part. Having only Sunday's off and an occasional Saturday forces me to plan my time and spending trips wisely. I need to get in and out if I want to have time for anything else. All the "Stuff" in the world can't come close to the joy and happiness our little guy and gals brings us. I don't need to purchase nice clothes that will only be used to catch spit up, be drooled on, be spit on from unacceptable baby food and occasional have a nose or two wiped on. There has been so much activity going on this year I haven't done a thing in the little girls scrapbooks but the time will come when I will have hours, days, weeks and years to relive the little moments that are in my heart forever.


  1. Aww... congratulations!! Thats so exciting! They are SO VERY blessed to have you! Care to adopt me? ;) lol!

  2. Heck ya Carla, I would adopt you in a heartbeat, you cook, sew, and know how to make a nickle go a long way, your in!!