Friday, June 24, 2011

Birthday Placemats Complete!

Woohoooo, I finished all the place mats tonight after supper, needed 2 for our grand girls, one for Ty and an additional one for my sisters first Grand who's BD is 2 days after Kara's. Tomorrow I will take them to the shop to have the first letter of each of their names monogrammed on then they are ready for the babies to celebrate with. Kara's 1st BD is coming up July 9th so I didn't have much time to spare. I still have the original set I was making for myself to get back to work on but I wanted to get the little girls done in time for the upcoming BD's. I have lots of morning errands to do, get in on the one day only sale 50% off sale for thread and batting, check out the fabric outlet, take the place mats in, put a few new plants in the garden and watch the babies for a couple of hours while the guys go to the new Car's movie.

Rambo's to do in the AM is to get the boat out of the water so we can bring it to the house for a major clean up and engine service. We have been thinking about selling the boat for over a year. I think we are both ready to pull the trigger. We are putting out over $400.00 a year in taxes, $20.00 a year for tags and $1,900.00 for dock fee's. That's $2,300.00 a year for a boat we used 3 times last year, don't even ask what it cost to fill it up for the day!!! The kids do take it out some but not enough to justify the cost and upkeep. Thankfully we paid cash for the boat so when we sell it our savings acount will be looking pretty darn good. If we really need a boat fix we can rent one for the day at $250.00, that's a lot of money but a heck of a lot cheaper than what we are doing now!!


  1. Love the place mats!!! They're sooo cute!! :) Don't blame you for selling the boat since it's not used enough to justify the cost. I'm sure it'll sell fast! :) Just think of all the "special" TP you could buy for Rambo with that!! ;)

  2. HA, your right I could load up on the special TP!! It will be so nice to unload one more thing that does nothing but silently suck money, the $200.00 I put back in our spending savings each month can go to a better cause and having the cash back from the sale of the boat will beef up the emergency fund quickly!
    Thanks for the thumbs up on the place mats, they were so easy and cheap to make once I changed up the directions a bit, doing one now for a friend who's son is in the military