Friday, December 6, 2013

A Day of Crafting

 I have picked up a bad habit from our DD's, it's called Pintrest. That's where I found this idea, a Graduation Tassel inserted into a clear plastic ortament. Super fast, easy, and cheap. The plastic ortaments were on sale at the craft store 50% off. I think they cost $0.75@
 I can't put my hands on DD#1's High School tassel nor my own but Hubby's and the other 2 DD's are complete. I love that one more thing be it small is out of the trunk and being put to use and enjoyed.
 What started out as a VERY small project for the grands turned into an all day event. I had picked up inexpencive felt tree/ortament door/wall decorations at a big box store, figured they would give the toddlers hours of fun decorating thier own tree's. The DD's told me the kiddo's LOVE playing with the tree's however the felt pieces were tiny and making a mess. Not a problem I can pick up some felt and cut out some chunky ortaments. Why do I always turn a small "To Do" into a big "To Do"? I walked out with 3 yards of green felt for some homemade trees :( UGHHH Along with scraps of white rick rack and some extra from my stash they were really easy and budget friendly to make
 So here is how it's done (sorta) I cut enough pieces at once to make THREE tree's. Cut (3) felt strips 12 inched wide by folding the felt to fit my cutting board. Then I tri folded each of the (3) 12 inch strip's.
For all of the branch's I cut each side on a diagnal, The measurment for the bottom branch was 4 inches on the top down to the point. The second branch was cut wider at the top 6 inches diagnial to the bottom point. Top of tree was cut on a 45 degree angle on each side. I did end up trimming the sides of the top and second branch a bit more to even things out before I stitched the peices together. After the tree was assembeled I added white rick rack over the seams.
The Cricit came in handy once again to cut out chunky ornaments. Nothing fancy as I didn't want to spend days cutting intricate designs. If the Mommy's are in the mood to let the grands lose with glitter glue they can dress up their new ornaments, as for me I am done!!

Forgot to add that the trunk is 5 X 7, I might add a last name with the embroidery machine tomorrow but for tonight I need to cut out more ornaments as the tree's are looking a little bare.

Kara and Mommy were both down with bronchitis today so I had an unexpected day off. Did I grab that long list of things "To Do"?   Na, that would have been too practical! Instead I made a stop at the fabric store after getting hubby's weekly Christmas cheer box in the mail.  Oh well what the heck, this time of year should have some fun "just because I want to" things thrown in don't you think?

Since I went into the fabric store to ONLY buy colorful felt blocks I wasn't sure how much green tree fabric to buy seeing as how the idea just popped in my head. I went with 3 yards WAY too much!! After making six trees I put the last yard in my stash. I mean really how many unplanned tree gifts does one need? Total cost,,,drum roll please....$14.77, amount saved $11.16. Pretty darn good deal don't you think.

So lets do the math for each tree plus ornaments had I made all 9, works out to $1.60 each. Now that's what I would call a VERY frugal toddler gift. BTW Tyler is 7 and was having just as much fun as the little ones. I paid $10.99@ for the kits at the big box store. Now if your not into sewing you could still whip some of these up using fabric glue or maybe even a hot glue gun. Ditto for adding rick rack. Wouldn't these be great for a Girl Scout Troop or a young woman's group project?

Before I sign off to continue cutting chunky ornaments I wanted to announce the winner of the "On the Go First Aid Bag"
Congrats to Becki/Rebecca your it!! Send me your address to my e-mail so I can get it in the mail to you!!


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  2. Got it Becki, have no idea what is going on with my e-mail. I will get you prize in the mail tomorrow!!