Saturday, December 28, 2013

For Me By Me

 Does anyone elses kitchen counter look like this? A tangled mess of adapters, chargers, and all that jazz plugged in? Sorting out what is what, who's is who's, and what goes to what makes me nuts. This Christmas I received a new camera (two cords) and a game/learning system thing for the grands to play with (2 cords). I was thinking I need to make labels for all this stuff as so many of them look very much the same but of course they are not!! But then I remembered a cute tutorial I had saved in my "Sew want to do someday files" from "Leafy Treetop Spot" Tricia has sew many cute tutorials and ideas for handmade things, check her blog out!
 So I used her tutorial to make some cord keepers. My "stuff" has cords in many different sizes, what the heck, why not enlarge the pattern and make something useful and cute for everything electronic related..
 I pulled some fabric from my stash that needed to be USED UP  along with scraps of iron on batting to make the covers. To solve the what goes with what problem I drug out the embroidery machine to do some labeling.
The other cool to me deal on this is when we have a jumbled mess of cords on the counter I will know what is mine and what it goes to. All I have to do is attach the cord keeper to the cord as it is being recharged or used. Once finished just wrap the cord back up in it's cord keeper. As Karsyn would say "I rick dis" idea.

Wow two posts in less than 24 hours it's a Christmas miracle!! Hubby and AJ the beagle are still tucked in the bed with the covers over their heads. Kara has yet to arrive for the day. It's just me and my cup of coffee this morning, oh ya and a crazy messy house but who cares?

What do you think about these cord covers? I love this idea!! My girls...not sew much. Maybe the young folks don't have the memory/electronic block I have. I was thinking these would make cute easy and frugal gifts but once our girls gave them a thumbs down "Mom your crazy" seal of disapproval I'm not too sure! Ha I do think my friends of a "certain" age would like them.

Whats on the agenda for today? Well we have Kara today for starters, then our Niece wants to do some site seeing around town. The "NASCAR Hall of Fame" is on her list but hubby and I are not up for that. I am going to run the idea by Tyler and his Daddy if they want to go 'Our treat' Also "Joe Gibb's" racing shop is a must do for her. We might be able to pull that one off with the toddler.

What I would really like to do is take it one room at a time and get this house back in order as each and every single room needs some TLC!!! My mini goal is to clean out the fridge for today. We should be able to use up the last of the Christmas dinner leftovers at lunch. Then something for supper that is NOT holiday related!

Funny thing regarding food over Christmas. As we were hanging out in the kitchen talking about favorite foods/meals DD#2 says "Mom why don't you ever make meatloaf any more? I love meatloaf" Dear I do still make meatloaf you don't live at home anymore to eat it remember? Oh ya...right! Ha How about meatloaf for Sunday dinner. "GREAT, oh ya I forgot I will be out of town on vacation this weekend :("  I made a deal with DD#2, next time I make meatloaf I will call her to come share a meal. Of course I will have to plan way ahead of time to work it into her busy schedule

Off to shower before the wild one arrives. Maybe I should take hubby a cup of coffee in bed so he can fortify himself for one more day of toddler play.


  1. those are such neat ideas I could do with running up a couple of those for various wires around our house.

    My main goal today is to blow out the driveway well, as it's supposed to be above freezing later on!!!


  2. So cute! And yes, I feel your pain! We have cords everywhere too! UGh!! Have a great weekend!!

  3. How organized! I am wanting some too. You are such a bad influence on me, whatever you make or buy, the same things would be perfect for me.
    Maybe you should just buy and make everything in doubles and share with me, you know I am kidding. But is almost eerie how much alike our tastes are.