Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Little Man

 Mason and I had some alone time yesterday while Karsyn was at Pre School so the sitter could have some time off to work on Christmas. One of the pressing To Do's was to get his Birthday plate done seeing as how he just turned Two.  We got a good start yesterday, hope to finish by the end of the week so Mommy can have it for Christmas.
 A stop at the grocery for eggs and his very own Micky Mouse "Logart"
 We put those eggs to good use making Papaw and the freezer a batch of M&M cookies. Interesting that he didn't realize the M&M's were a candy snack, the little girls would have made sure to save some back for a treat. None of us keep candy around the house as we all prefer a home made snack, fruit, cheese, and beans can't forget the beans as right now they are a favorite of all. Confession, I do have a stash of dark chocolate at my bedside table, just in case you know!! Tyler and Kara are the only two who ever like to have a piece and even that is a rare occasion.
 My little man spent the rest of his time with me playing babies while I baked the cookies. The grands always get to take home some of what they make to share with their family. I don't think you are ever to young to begin the habit of having a giving heart. It's so cute that all the grands will read their babies a book when they put them to bed, another GOOD habit their Mommy's have always done for them at bedtime
 Before the day was done I got a batch of white chocolate, peanut butter, rice crispy treats mixed up. Recipe at the end of this post.
 This morning I was ready to rock at 8:00AM for my 6 month blood work then a long wait in line to mail off the LAST of the Christmas gifts!!! So glad to have that dreaded job marked off the to do list.
The rest of this day will be FMQ with cookies baking when I need to give my shoulders and arms a  break. For the first time in NINE days we are having a sunny day, cold but sunny.

Wheee, time for a Nanny break after all the doings this morning. A nap will be happening later today as AJ the beagle misbehaved badly last night :(

As I was wrapping yet more gifts last night I heard the next door neighbor dogs having a barking fit. Not to be left out of whatever was happening in the hood AJ the beagle insisted on going out. Our sweet neighbor called soon after at 11:45 to tell me her dogs had killed some sort of animal, AJ the beagle was trying to drag whatever the varmint was under the fence to our side, YUCK!!!! She absolutely refused to come in when I called her, grr Out I go in my nightgown with hubby's winter coat and boots on to drag the D... dog back in. She drove me crazy all night wanting to go back out to the killing scene. DOUBLE GRRR. Needless to say she is on my naughty list today. The neighbor must have found the corpse while he too was out with a flashlight after I hand drug our rotten dog back in as Miss AJ has no interest in exploring today. She has spent her morning lounging on the sofa under a quilt. Dogs and kids, can't live with them, can't live without them!!

I am oh sew close to being done with the last of the homemade Christmas gifts. The To Do list is shrinking a bit each day leaving me time to truly enjoy this special season. LOVE THAT!! Having a plan and working that plan a little at a time over the summer has really paid off this year. Not only was the work spread out I was able to save so much on supplies by buying only on sale during the year. From here on out that will be my way to go. I already have a list hanging on the scrap/sewing room wall of 2 Christmas gifts I want to make for next year. I will have my list in hand for the after Christmas/New years sales this year. Nothing better than picking up supplies at the 50%-75% off sales. Time I have money...not sew much with a looming home improvement list that will start back in the spring once I build up our savings once again.

Does anyone else do some of your Christmas shopping for the next year at the after Christmas sales? What do you find are the best deals? Another of my favorites to buy are the special baking supplies that are dirt cheap, no one in my family sticks there nose up over the fact our cookies or whatever might have a Christmas flair or flavor.

White Chocolate/Peanut butter, Rice Krispy Treats

1/2 cup peanut butter
2 1/2 cups white chocolate
1/2 cup peanuts (Optional)
3 cups Rice Krispies

Melt Chocolate and peanut butter in microwave.
Add nuts (if your using them) and rice krispies, mix until coated
Drop whatever size you like onto wax paper.
Once firm package in air tight container.


  1. I have done a sad job on gift buying this year and still need to do for all our children. The grands are thankfully done.
    I like Mason happily plays with babies, my grandsons do too, and hopefully they will grow up to be caring daddies and uncles.

  2. I love your little man. There is nothing like healthy, happy children, is there? Blessings to you and our family- xo Diana

  3. I am hoping to score on some after Christmas savings again this year. I could never keep up with you, Debby, but sure happy to know where your dark choc stash is if I ever come visiting. That was a rare alone day with Mason man was it not? how nice. I am boycotting Kellogg since they are closing a plant after years in London ON to move it to Taiwan. 1500 jobs gone again from the North Americas. General Mills Products from here on in after the last of the Rice Krispies are used up.

  4. Catching up....thanks for the recipes!!

    merry Christmas

  5. I can't get over how big Mason is getting!! What a cutie pie! :)