Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sew Cute Little Gift

 Sometimes unplanned things just come together. I had an itch to use my new rotating cutting mat but knew I had no business starting a new project with Christmas right around the corner. Well then it happened.  Ashley over at "Mommy by Day Crafter by Night" had posted a sweet tutorial for a "Needlebook". My, oh my, I had to at least try my hand at making a "Needlebook" The perfect small project to see how that new rotating cutting board would work.
I picked 4 leftovers from a layer cake to build my houses then it was game on! OK so here is the first cut, nothing different than a regular cutting board.
 Here is where the magic begins. Instead of having to move the fabric to make the second cut all I had to do was swivel the mat, SEW cool!! The black you see under the mat stays firmly on the counter, only the mat (green part) moves. I am going to LOVE this new tool!!
 Many cuts later and some easy sewing I had 3 "Needlebooks" of my own
I put four pages in my notebooks then inserted different size needles on each page. Won't these be sweet little gifts for friends.

I need to stop taking photo's at night!! The needlebooks are sew much sweeter than they look on these crappy photo's.

Kara an I were working like beavers today getting in a bit of sewing while doing some badly needed deep cleaning in the kitchen, pantry, and fridge. The kitchen is ready for hubby's arrive home tomorrow and some serious Christmas cookin!! Wish I could say the same about the rest of the house...sigh What the heck, we can get on it in the morning and have this place whipped into shape. I don't know about your home but with the Christmas trees all aglow you don't notice the dust and dirt nearly as much around here!!

Do check out Ashely's blog when you have the time, she has sew many cute easy too follow along tutorials.

5:00am comes early, time to get these old bones in the bed


  1. Thanks a lot, now I have to add Joann's to my list of shopping this morning. That mat is so cool! Your needle books are sweet as can be

  2. Ohhhhh!! THAT'S how it turns! Thank-you for the visual! Love your needlebooks.. just adorable!!

  3. Found my 50% off coupon and am now the owner of a rotating mat! Joann's should pay you a commission

  4. Love your needle books. Now, I'm considering the benefits of that rotating cutting mat. Thanks for the info and inspiration.