Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I HATE Shopping!!

 I was 99% finished with my Christmas shopping weeks ago but still lacked just a few things to tie it all together. Yesterday was the day to get it ALL done, ugh So many grouchy people in so many stores, too few parking spaces, and coughing sick people seemed to be everywhere. We still need a few GC to call it complete but I will wait until hubby is home to do that deed. He loves to Christmas shop!!
 One place I didn't mind going into was the big box fabric store to get in on a stocking up sale. Everything pictured above was on sale at 50% off in addition I had a 15% off coupon bringing the price down to 65% off. Wohooo. As and added bonus I earned a $20.00 coupon to use in Jan.
 I have been drooling over one of these rotating cutting boards for a very long time, at 65% off I could no longer leave it in the store. Can you see that note paid in the far left corner of this photo? That was yesterday's To Do list. You might also notice how very few things were marked off :(
Yesterday's first To Do was to attend Karsyn's Christmas program at pre-school. I just love going to these things!! Her class was first up, so darn cute. The teacher read the story of the birth of Christ as each little one entered the stage in the most beautiful costumes ever. Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, donkeys the works, each sweeter than the next. Where is Karsyn?? Her Daddy and I couldn't find her anywhere? Seems Miss. Karsyn was to be a Shepard but the outfit wasn't cute so she wouldn't participate. grrr While we were walking to the car I ask Karsyn

Me - Honey what's up with that, didn't you want to be with the other kids
Karsyn - No, I no rike the shirt
Me - But Karsyn a Shepard gets to play with the sheep.
Karsyn - After a long pause....Nanny you maked me dis shirt.
Me - Yes I did
Karsyn - I rike it

I hope the Lord will forgive me!!!
 Note to self and DD#1 do not put cute shirts on Karsyn on performance day.

Today is catch up day. All of the things I had hoped to accomplish yesterday that was put off while I drove around looking for parking places needs to happen today. Thankfully the ripping and running is done other than hitting the grocery store one more time before Christmas. Hubby LOVES tagging along to the grocery sooo That task can wait! Ha

I have my year end physical scheduled today but I have decided I am going to cancel, that is if they don't charge me a cancellation fee. A friend tried to get into the office yesterday with a knee that is swollen 3 times its size if not more. The office is flooded with flu patients right now to the point they can't work anyone else in :( I see no reason to sit in the Drs. office perfectly healthy and happy just to be told all is well, hows the family? It might even be worth a cancellation fee not to go and take the chance of catching the durn flu!! I have somehow avoided that dreaded illness as it has worked thru our family, no need to take any chances I am thinking.

I have Kara in the afternoon while Mommy finishes her shopping and has her monthly appointment with the OB to check on grand baby peanut #5. I need to pace myself! A time for work, some time for play, and a whole lot of rest at the end of the day. That's gonna be my motto for the rest of this special season.

Are the rest of you taking the time to really enjoy Christmas? I sooo hope you do!! We Mommy's seem to have everything dumped on us. The buying, wrapping, cooking, baking, cleaning, watching the budget, and Merry Making. It's high time we take a stand. IT"S CHRISTMAS the best time of the year. Don't let yourself be drug down and worn out by what others think or say. ENJOY your family ENJOY your friends, ENJOY and celebrate that CHRIST our savior was born.


  1. A rotating mat, I never heard of such so will check it out.
    I hope to make a bunch of quilts in 2014 and have been thinking about buying one of those huge rolls of it.m
    This is going to be shopping finish up day for us.

    I think not going to the dr for a check up during cold and flu season is a great plan.

  2. as soon as I saw the title of the post I thought that is so me as well. I have no patience fighting crowds this time of year AT ALL!!

  3. I'm sick of shopping too... need *one* more thing... lol! So does that cutting board truly rotate!? How does it do that... does it still lay flat on the table??? I'm interested! lol!

  4. Dear Debby
    Don't our grand-kiddies just tear at our heart strings!!! That is so lovely what your grand-daughter said to you...bless her!!! I'll echo you where hatred of shopping is concerned and most particularly a last minute rush just before Christmas. I'll just add now that all those choccie goodies in your previous post look scrumptious!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)
    PS: The clinics here in Spain are just the same full of people coughing and spluttering and I wonder if they aren't a health hazard!

  5. Cute story about Karsyn! Bad Nanny! :)!

    As soon as I finish with the last of the stocking stuffers, I hope to FINALLY enjoy the holidays!

  6. The Joys of Holiday times with shopping, colds, flues, and ugly shirts, all to be avoided ! I am off to the Dr. AGAIN; hopefully the last appt of the day does not find me with anyone with the flu.