Monday, December 9, 2013

Last of the Christmas Tee's

 Karsyn and her Mommy loved the new Christmas tee's I made for the little girls yesterday. Wanna do one for yourself or a little one in your own life? OK here goes
 I picked 3 leftover charm blocks (5x5) from my stash. Instead of tradition Christmas colors I wanted to do something a bit more girlie girl. Now iron on lightweight Wonder Under (double sided interfacing)
 I used a 2 1/2 inch circle cut from my Circut machine for the ornaments. I was able to cut 4 ornaments from each of the 3 blocks so I got enough ornaments to do 4 shirts. How much thriftyer can you get!
 Now all you have to do is peel, stick, and iron. I used a zig zag stitch around each ornament.
 Next up was rick rack, again from my stash. You can't tell from this photo but I put a cutting board inside the shirt to give myself a good surface for pining the rick rack on.
 Use a simple straight stitch to attach the rick rack and you are almost done.
 To finish off the ornaments add a bit of bling, our girls love bling! These are just mini hair bows from Claire's BOGO sale. I can't remember the price. I'm thinking maybe $4.00 for both packs.
 Remove the hair clip from each bow. Easier said than done!! It took longer to remove the clips than it did to make the shirts. I also removed the Mini Mouse buttons from the bow fronts, they didn't seem Christmasy to me.
 Use safety pins pinned from the back of the shirt to attach the bows and your done. I think you could just sew the bows down but I'm not sure how they would hold up in the wash. By pinning the bows on the DD's can remove them and reattach after they are washed.
TaDa, sew simple and cheap. Shirts like these cost between $22.00-$28.00 around our place. That's way to much to pay for something the girls will only wear a few times and of course out grow by next year!! I have a million more designs swimming around in my head of cute Christmas shirts to make however 2 each is enough!

Sew now you know how I spent my Sunday. Grand total for the day of grand sewing was 7, sew I can share the cuteness with some friends grand DD's as well. It feels good to have one more pile of need To Do's out of the way. Up next is some snow globe coasters that will likely be snow globe ornaments as I don't think they would work very well as intended. Found a cheap short cut to assemble them that I will share tomorrow (if I get them done).

Also on the To Do today is a batch or two more of cookies for the freezer and hubby's Christmas cheer box for the week. Maybe clean this VERY messy/dirty house would be a good idea, Ha We have had a cold dreary rain for two days now with one more to go. I love staying home with the Christmas trees twinkling away on days like this. Soon, very soon I will have to stand in the dreaded lines at the post office to mail packages. Gotta take the good with the bad this time of year.

Almost forgot I have an additional To Do DD#1 added yesterday to my list. She accidentally washed Karsyn's Thanksgiving shirt with something red turning the shirt into a nice pale pink,hummm Can it be saved? Maybe, Karsyn would have outgrown the thing by next year more than likely so I have removed the turkey and all it's feathers. I am so hoping that the stitch lines won't show once it is washed. With any luck I will have an almost new tee to repurpose after the holidays. I am thinking Valentines day tee might work just fine to save the shirt.


  1. Wonderful idea-I'm going to try this! Very pretty!

  2. Sooo sweet! Love them! I'll have to try these for the girls! :)