Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fancy Christmas Cookies

 Yesterday evening's activity was Fancy cookie decorating for Santa.We started out with setting up the little girls decorating station on DD#1 island. It didn't take but a skinny minute for little ladies to dig in to every decoration available.
 Kara thought Karsyn was " You Silly Sissy" as Karsyn had to take a bite or lick from every cookie she created.
 As you can tell by this face Karsyn had sampled many cookies but was still intent with her decorating.
 Kara is not much of a sweet eater preferring beans over cookies any day of the week but she loved the artistic endeavor
 Once the girls were settled in we had the boys belly up at the opposite side of the island.
 At 7 years old Tyler is an old pro in the cookie decorating department. He enjoyed watching the mess of things Mason was making
 One of our LAST minute shopping trips this week was to find a cow cookie cutter for Mason. Mason's nick name is Mason Moo, he does so love cows!! Money well spent to see how happy this cow cookie made him.
 Ta Da. Mason Man was so happy with his fancy cookies.
Santa has a nice platter full of Fancy Cookies to snack on later tonight.
Merry Christmas to you all!! Wishes to all of you for a Christmas full of family, friends, and fun.
For hubby and I our Christmas wish has already come true. God has blessed us another year to enjoy our big and little kiddo's. Having the privilege of watching our little girls grow into beautiful woman with families of there own. Being part of the silly, messy, family traditions that are being passed on to this next generation of grands is what we live for. All the expensive gifts in the world don't hold a candle to an evening spent with the ones we love covered in frosting, sprinkles, and candies.
May God bless each and every one of you with his loving grace.
The End...I have a turkey to brine, deserts to bake, Christmas dinner to start, a load of laundry to do, dishes to wash, sausage balls to make, and oh ya, a CLEAN mail box to gaze at that I am sure is the envy of the neighborhood (its a long story)
Once again MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


  1. Merry Christmas Debby to YOU & Yours ! Love the memories that are made from Year to Year ... xx

  2. Merry Christmas! I've enjoyed every one of your posts even if I posted nothing in the past. The children are beautiful! I enjoy all the things you do and leave your page feeling exhausted sometimes.

  3. Merry Christmas!! Wonderful memories for all to cherish. Your grands will remember too! I cherish my memories from that age! Especially now since my parents and grandparents are all gone now. Started losing all of them at an earlier age than most.12 to start (51) now..My kids don't have the same memories to cherish but we sure did make special ones just for them. Everyday with them is a blessing!!!! Happy holidays!!!