Saturday, December 14, 2013

One More To Go

 Kara and I completed a Christmas Elf table runner for an unexpected gift yesterday. Only one more gift to finish up and I am done, done, done!!
I used this cute Lab fabric on the back . The family that will be receiving this runner adopted a lab puppy this summer that looks just like this decked out for the holiday little guy. I don't use novelty prints very often but this one just jumped out at me.

After keeping up with Kara all day while working on this runner my energy tank was on empty. Better get a early evening nap in. Nope that didn't help much, if anything I was more tired than when I layed down. I forced myself to wrap the gifts that the man in Brown delivered this week, cleaned up around the house a little then called it a night.

This morning I am still dragging butt :( With only one more gift to sandwich and quilt I am in great shape for Christmas. The baking is done, running around finished, craft projects with the grands check, packages in the mail, yep. Maybe my body is telling me now is the time to relax or I will set you up for the flu! Ha, I sure hope not

Kara and I will have a very low key day today. We had planned on having a play date with DD#1 to do another Christmas craft but with ALL of her kiddo's down with the flu we will pass on that activity. 100 percent chance of rain today makes outdoor fun out of the question. A good Christmas movie cuddled up on the couch under our Christmas quilt sounds good to me but the energizer bunny can't sit for more than 5 minutes. Today we will just wing it. Mommy and Daddy have a office Christmas party tonight so I get to enjoy (survive) the little bugger until late in the night. sigh...

Anyone else running on empty yet? I'm giving myself a weekend of doing NOTHING to see if I can recharge the old body and get back in the swing of things. This is too special a season to be running on low


  1. Ack!! LOOOOOVE that elf runner!! Soooo cute! lol!! I'm having a "relaxing" day too I hope... (not really, but at home at least.. lol!) Lots to do, but at least i'm avoiding -20c weather! ;)

  2. SO CUTE! I finished the last mini quilt this morning and am making NO more gifts this year! Ready to do some nongift sewing.