Monday, December 2, 2013

Almost Free

 How do you like my new almost for FREE Keurig K-Cup?
 Bed, Bath, and Beyond had the machines on Cyber Monday sale for $99.99. Humm, I called the local store to see if they would match the on line price, yes by golly they would. Double humm, after digging around in my coupon pile I found a 20% off one item coupon. Now were talking. The price was down to $79.99. Back at the end of the summer I received a $80.00 gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond as a rebate from the Dyson vacuum deal.  Total cost $0.99 plus tax Grand total was just under $5.00!!! Can't beat that price right?
Now that I am the proud owner of this fancy new machine I needed some decaf coffee, tea, and all that jazz. The saving just kept on coming, I picked up a few boxes on sale at our two grocery stores. At the check out counter $1.50 coupons popped out!!  Last stop for the day was to pick up hair pretties to work on toddler Christmas tee shirts. The register gave me a $10.00 off coupon for any purchase. It has been a big day of savings for sure.

My grand plan of staying at home nursing this cold went right out the window after seeing the deal to be had on the Kuerig K-cup. What the heck might as well work on DD#2's Christmas list that finally hit the In Box after midnight last night.

Stop at Target used leftover GC's, rebates and sales to save $62.00

Stop at Michael's crafts to pick up 1/2 price crafts for the grands

Tomorrow I HAVE to stay home!!! This place is a hot mess and I fear my luck will run out on all the savings! I still have a nice baggie of coupons, Kohl's bucks, and leftover GC 's.  Once I get things sorted around the house I need to pull everything together and begin to fill any holes that might be in the gift giving department. I am ready for all this shopping to be done with so I can get to the good part of the season, cooking, baking, sewing, crafting with the grands, and finish up whatever charity work we still need to do.

AJ the beagle is getting on my very last nerve tonight. She is not happy with me that I spent so much time away from home today. If she pushes her ball under the Christmas tree on purpose one more time she and her ball are going out the door. Me..I'm hitting the sack

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  1. Wow girl!! That is awesome! I've heard good things about them, i'm sure you'll love them! I spent over $700 on Xmas yesterday, on TOP of what i've already spent. We are WAY over budget this year... AGAIN. Why do I do this every. single. year. !? lol!!