Thursday, December 5, 2013

Time for Play

 The natives are turning on me!! AJ the beagle found her ball last night making it impossible to finish the wrapping. Can't help but chuckle and give in knowing how hard she searched for her toy
 Today was Karsyn's Thanksgiving feast that had to be rescheduled from last week. Kara was SO excited to be able to eat lunch with "Sissy". What was on the menu for our feast? Chicken nuggets, carrots and, something that looked to be dressing. One look at that plate and I knew this Nanny would be passing! YUCK
 Instead of saying cheese for a photo these days Kara yells out "Pose" and pulls off some crazy looks..oh that girl Kara has the same feeling over chicken nuggets as I do, NASTY!!
The little girls talked me into spending the rest of the day at our house, they didn't have to beg to hard.Ha What fun it was to have Kara walking around the house telling Karsyn "Close you eye's. Da Ta" as she showed Karsyn all the decorations. For whatever reason Kara has turned Ta Da into Da Ta, who cares as long as she is learning new words each day. They jumped right in when I told them we needed to make cookies for Papaws box this week. They were having none of the traditional aprons, it was Tutu's or nothing for baking today.

First off thanks to all of you for your great idea's on homemade Christmas gifts. I will have Kara draw a name out of the hat in the morning so I can get the blog candy in the mail to the winner.

Back to gift wrapping tonight as AJ the beagle has already hit the sack for the night. Keeping up with the little girls wears her out, Ha The man in Brown made two stops today so I have a bit more added to the pile of gift wrapping. Then it's on to setting up the sewing machine for some quilting. I have two quilts than need to be completed for Christmas. Lots and lots of other sewing projects are waiting in the wings of things I want to get done as well.

Before I sign off Lena ask what I included in the "On the Go First Aid Kits" So here you go

Band aids
Bactria wipes
Pepto Bismol
Nail clippers


  1. I never knew the pilgrims had chicken nuggets :)

    1. Ha, I know right! I had told the little girls we would be having turkey they call it "Big Chicken" then here comes those nasty nuggets

  2. Hahahah Kara is adorable and funny. Enjoy your wrapping, I have yet to start :)