Thursday, December 12, 2013

Baking and Merry Making

 Yepee, this quilt is finished!! Sew excited to be able to wrap this gal up and deliver to her new home. I can't lay it out for all to see as it is personalized, don't want to give the secret away!
 I was a bit surprised to see I was missing a cookie when I went to put this tray in the oven. Seems a little girl had helped herself when I had my back turned. Kara did you take a cookie? "No dis is yummy candy" I freak out when the grands eat raw cookie dough now days. It never bothered me back when our girls did it. Were eggs cleaner way back when?
 Chocolate Krinkle cookies are hiding in the freezer
 No bake cookies were also completed today, these are SIL #1 favorite
The last of the baking for today was Angel sugar cookies. These are the best ever cookies to have with a cup of tea.

Super short post as my rump is dragging. Kara was a handful this morning but thankfully she settled in after a few hours and remembered Nanny rules this place!! Ha We got most of the Christmas baking completed today and began another unplanned Christmas gift. SEW CLOSE to finishing everything up. I have visions of sitting in the evening doing the hand work on the grands stockings but I know better to plan any down time this time of the year.

Little Mason man has the flu :( He is doing really well, not fussy at all but certainly not his happy go lucky self. Karsyn is running a fever and runny nose, she is next in line to have the flu test, Tyler will not be far behind I am sure :( All that said I have put it in high gear to finish everything on my must do list ASAP just in case. If the sitter should come down with the flu I will have my hands and house full of toddlers. I'm hopeful this flu bug will be cleared out of the family in record time.

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