Sunday, December 29, 2013

This, That, and Making a Plan

 Poor Bitty Baby from 25 years ago had major surgery yesterday :( Kara likes to play twin babies these days as Mommy has a friend with twin girls. It seems our old Bitty got stuck in her single stroller with her twin new sister suffering serious tummy trauma. I did the best I could with some triage sewing but this vintage Bitty Baby will be going to the American Girl Hospital in the coming weeks to have the pros do their thing.
While stripping all of the beds this morning the pile of completed quilts caught my eye. Humm... seeing as how our Niece is in for the holiday and I have yet to gift a quilt to she and her hubby I pulled two out for her to pick from today.
Both quilts are more in the line of an oversize lap quilt perfect for cuddling up on a cold winter evening when she returns home way up North.
Once she makes her choice I will add a label to the back then give her a spin in the washer and dryer to get it all pretty and crinkly
One thing always leads to another, at least for me. While pulling quilts for our Niece I realized how many quilt tops I have finished that are waiting to be quilted. Time to make a list. Dog gone if it isn't longer than I thought it would be!

Hubby and I are having one last day to hang out together (no big or little kiddo's) He has cleaned up his office (top of the fridge), packed as much Christmas trash as he can in the garbage bin for tomorrows pick up, taken down his Moms tree topper I can't reach, and a few other odds and ends that we can think of. Me, the list is too long to share, but I am trying to keeping it slow and steady.

Our Niece will be back this afternoon after she has finished doing some tourist things on her bucket list then share dinner with us followed by a Disney movie or two. A quite Sunday evening seems the perfect way to end our holiday together.

Looking over the sewing list I worked on today, I am thinking my New Years goals will be pretty simple this year. The list is plenty full of sewing projects. UFOs, new quilts to start, old one's to finish. Maybe by January first I will have my plan in place.

First up is an emergency quilt that needs to be started and finished by January 2nd for Tyler to enjoy during the Bama/Oklahoma Bowl game. His little heart was broken when Bama lost to Auburn therefor knocking them out of a chance at the National Championship. A special quilt may be just what his sweet little heart needs.

Off to switch over the pile of bed clothes in the washer and dryer then begin getting the big kids bedrooms back to normal. No complaining here, we are soooo blessed to have the family under one roof for at least the most special night of the year.


  1. I like the idea of an emergency quilt! I knot it will be a consolation for him :)

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