Sunday, December 8, 2013

Grand Crafting

 What fun it was watching DD#1's kiddo's decorating their tree yesterday morning before we worked on some Christmas crafts. The kiddo's were bouncing off the walls excited "It's Cwistmas"
 Poor Mason man wasn't sure what to think of having his hands covered in paint. He kept looking up at his Mommy as if to say "is this OK?"
Grasping the ornament with his paint covered hands was right up his ally, Mason LOVES balls
 Humm, this finger painting ain't so bad after all.
Kara came over in the afternoon for her turn at crafting. Kara approaches everything with GUSTO!! Paint on my hands? Ya baby, and arms, legs, hair, whatever!

 Here is Kara's hand print ornament completed. They turned out so cute.
 And her thumb print reindeer ornament. There are so many cute hand print idea's on pintrest it was hard to decide which ones to do.
We finished up the evening festivities with a bowl of beans sitting in the middle of the kitchen table under a quilt. Now this is what being a Nanny is all about!!

After playing around with the grands and making heirloom ornaments that they will enjoy for years to come I can tell you this gal was ready to relax with some football. Holy cow Auburn won!! Now of course Bama is our real team but seeing as how Auburn knocked them out of the National Championship game last week we want Auburn to go all they way. The only way that could happen is if Ohio State lost their game, no sleep for me until that game too was complete. Hot diggity dog it all worked out, Auburn is in!! Needless to say all this crafting, football watching kinda day not much else got done. Who cares it's "Cwistmas"

The toddlers have a new favorite snack these days "Beans". Not your everyday bean but Edamane beans to be exact. Kara ate this entire bowl on her own and still tanked up at supper time, she will pass up a cookie or cupcake for a bowl of beans. I think that's so funny. Karsyn loves her some beans as well but sweets are on the top of her snack list. Mason is just happy too not have to fight for a bite!! Ha

Our weather has been CRAZY this week. Friday was 78 degrees, today we are right on the line of freezing rain/sleet mix. It's a perfect day to stay in and complete a gift or two, maybe even sneak in a nap. Having all of the shopping done is wonderful, our DD's are also done. Now we can all relax and do the things we want to do.

This, week I hope to finish quilting two gifts, pull together an additional gift DD#1 and I are working on, make a few more Christmas cards with my secret helpers, and shop for a Christmas angel. Oh ya, and get hubby another Christmas cheer box in the mail. Nothing earth shattering, no stress, just enjoy the season and the reason.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! We haven't seen our grands lately since we have been "iced in" here in North Texas since Thursday! We're missing them, as we usually see them several times a week. Hoping for temperatures to get up over freezing today.

  2. Looks like you all had a great time Debby'