Friday, December 27, 2013

Holidays Ain't for Sissys!!

 Christmas Eve at my Sisters kicked off the past 4 day marathon of family, fun, and activities.
A little special something for everyone
 Followed by a last ride around town looking at Christmas lights
 Then Santa came while the little ones slept
 Gifts, gifts, and more gifts
 Christmas dinner
 Mason had to have been the cuties of all this year. Santa delivered a Dyson vacuum for this little guy. Even when eating the Dyson was right by his side.
 Santa also hooked Nanny up with a new camera. This should be a pretty nice gift if I ever learn to use it!!
Last night was a sleepover with the grands. Holy Cow Batman, Papaw and Nanny need to sleep for a week!!!!!!

Tired...oh so tired!!!!! I pooped out today after Kara left. I planned to watch a bowl game with hubby and our Nice who came in for a visit on Christmas day but in a skinny minute I was sound asleep on the sofa. We have had a wonderful week of family, friends, gifts, and counting our blessing but it's time to get back to normal. Hope I can remember what normal is!

  I carved out some me time yesterday for a bit of sewing to relax while Papaw and Kara hung out. What I should have done was Nap!! Napping is so important this time of the year. Hubby and I are both extremely sleep deprived.

We have a few more days of craziness then I will try to get back to daily posting and cleaning. CLEANING needs to move to the top of that list.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas

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  1. What a wonderful Christmas you and your family have had. I'm with you that we need some naps and to get back to our normal things... like sewing. By the way, your oven is so clean!!! sparkles.