Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Simple Stuff

 Kara and I found a nice pile of carrots in the garden that had survived winter. Tyler and Kara are our garden buddies, they love to pick and eat from the garden.
 Kara is checking out her carrots for bugs. She was sure there was a big o bug somewhere to play with.
 Then a taste test. Yuck! carrots that have been in the ground all winter don't taste too good.
 After I drug her in the house to rest my feet she played for a whole lot longer than I thought she would with Nanny's new "Memory lane" toys
 More memories from way back when. Our girls would play with these "Calico Critters" all over the house. On tables, under tables, a quite corner, under the bed covers at night, lots of critter adventures so many years ago :)
Now as then the cute little houses stand empty, not a critter in sight.
A GF and I hit Toys R Us Saturday night looking for an oversize stuffed animal to put in grand #5 travel system for the baby shower on Sunday. Going in a toy store is the kiss of death for my budget, I'm always finding something I had no idea we needed :)
While I didn't find what I was looking for I did run into the "Calico Critter" display in the retro toy section. I had not thought about these sweet toys our girls use to play with for hours on end until I saw that OH MY so cute set up. I had a buggy and some cash........blush.
The house's were on the "brown sale" 30 or 40% off (can't remember) The critter sets were on sale buy one get one 50% off. I didn't realize that until after they were in the buggy, sale or no sale they were coming home with me. Honestly I was tempted to back the car up to the front door and buy it ALL!! Do you have any toys that speaks to you? Not in the push a button and it talks sorta way!
While watching Kara move around the house with the sweet little critters using her imagination, talking too and for them all I pushed away the sewing pile and just enjoyed hearing her cute voice. here are a few phrases that sticks in my head
"you gonna break you neck"
"time out for you"
"I rescue you now"
"That was a close one"
I can't wait to have some one on one time with each of the grands to see how they interact with the animals. I am feeling some scrapbook pages coming on! Ha It's been a LONG time since I have had the scrap booking itch.
DD#1 remembers these mini beauties as the "Woodland Animals" I was thinking they were called the "Sylvanian Families" who the heck knows. I'm just glad I ran into them so the grands can enjoy some wholesome fun without all the buttons, bells, and whistles of today's toys. Here is a site that gives an overview of "calico Critters" just scroll down a bit to she the description and history. These would make a cute addition to Easter baskets this year, hummm....


  1. Nancy, That is so darn cute, the things she says to the critters. LOL. My girls would play with Fisher Price Little People for hours when they were small. Some of the girls still have those little people. Then there were Barbies galore. Blessings to you and your grands. xoxo,Susie

  2. Some homes have lots of Barbies, we had platoons of GI Joes. I would go down to the Family Room and find the aftermath of huge battles, wounded and dead soldiers all over the place. Our fourth son almost disowned me when I gave them away during a move. Oops, hopefully a mother is allowed one big mistake per lifetime.

  3. Hi , It is me Susie...called you Nancy I meant Nanny, but now I see it's Debby. LOL. I'll get it right.xoxo,Susie