Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Back to Work

 Kara and I hit the home improvement store first thing in the morning to get our yard supplies for the weekend. Can you tell how excited she was to hang her new birdie house. She kept running out in the yard to yell at the birds "You gots a new house, come home now" So stinkin cute
 She also needed some flowers of her own!! Little stinker kept taking my pots and moving them over the the grands house. Purple for Kara, pink for Karsyn, yellow for Mason, but couldn't find any blue for Tyler yet :( She worked so hard filling her planter.
 After she got everything planted she patted and kissed each one, Awww
 I wasn't done working her yet, she had to clean up her mess. What is it about little kids that they love to clean? Maybe I need to go back to my childhood to be inspired to do some cleaning of my own.
  Floors are clean, plants are looking good, birdie house waiting for a family and a new door mat is in place!!
While Kara was hard at work I disassembled 4 of the old raised bed gardens. Holy cow it was a whole heck of a lot of shovel fulls!! All of this wonderful dirt should give us a lush yard full of clover.

I just realized I had not published this post from Sunday or was it Saturday? Who knows! Busy, busy, busy is the name of the spring game. I will catch up soon (I think)

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  1. Well, I hope she gets a sweet bird family moving in soon but I don't think any bird will be brave enough.n
    I've been reading along, your trips looked so fun and so exhausting :)

    My batteries are run down and I am trying to do as little as possible for a few days, but you know how that works out.

    Have a good week!