Monday, April 21, 2014

Signs of Spring

 One of life's great pleasures is watching the grands enjoy traditions. Early church service followed by lunch and an Easter egg hunt.
 Karsyn is looking a bit frumpy after a very long morning of Easter going on's
 Once I returned home from DD #1's Easter celebration it was back to work for me. One of the many things on my list was to get the deck back in shape after that long hard winter we have had.
 Upper and lower decks have been planted on a budget, the grands playhouse has been scrubbed and moved onto the lower deck where it will stay!! No more moving of the playhouse for me.
We are doing a huge makeover in the garden this year. One of the many things that are being changed is to downsize the herb bed. I'm not sure if this hanging pot thing will work but its worth a shot. Our herb bed had gotten so large and out of control something needed to be done.

I can hardly lift my arms today after lugging so much potting soil needed to revamp all of the planters. Eight hours of non stop moving, lifting, dividing, planting, and watering....ouch!!! Mark one more thing off the list, go me! Ha I was so worn out last night and dirty I might add that I didn't even go back out to enjoy some time on the deck after getting a badly needed shower.

Since we are way over budget on the outdoor spending I cut way back on spending for annuals this year. I figure a few weeks of miracle grow and you will never be able to tell the difference. We have a very long growing season these little plants will be lush and beautiful in no time at all.

Slowly this week I will try to divide and transplant the herbs from the raised bed they have outgrown into these small planting pots. Seem odd to you to be downsizing the herbs? It felt a little odd to me as well but we are doing away with all of the raised beds this year, the herb bed included. I have dehydrated so many herbs the past few years that the pantry is full to overflowing. I needed to cut back. Mint.......Oh Lord it was taking over. Mint is an amazing plant just one small sprig can go crazy in just one growing season. I will be moving a patch of it way back near our woodsy area to keep it away from everything else. Hubby and my "staff" can keep it contained with the weed eater (I hope).

Speaking of "staff" today is the first day of having them take over the lawn. I am pretty excited too have that weekly job off my hands. I have high hopes that the time it will free up can be used to do all of the rest of the stuff I can never get to. Tree's and busch's need to be dealt with, a battle with ivy must be won this year or it will overtake the house. Last but not least is the garden....

Our garden this year will be half the size it use to be :( It makes me a little sad to have to give it all up but the reality is that the raised beds were shot. Between the Bermuda grass invasion and wood rot I had a sorry mess on my hands, the battle was just not worth it. Getting everything torn down has been and will continue to be a heck of a big job. For now we won't be putting in the back garden. With grand #5 due to arrive at the end of May I don't think I will be able to keep it all up on my own. Maybe just maybe there will be a change of heart later this spring but for now it seems like the right thing to do. I need to pace myself.

Is anyone else feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the spring clean up? To heck with the house for now, we should have plenty of rainy days I can devote to spring cleaning indoors. Off to find that bottle of pain relievers!!!


  1. Yes I am feeling overwhelmed and I don't have nearly as much yard things to care for as you do,

    I tried to leave a comment on the precious post but it disappeared. We colored eggs and ended up with dyed hands too - did ours outside on the picnic table so no dye mess in the house.m

  2. Oh, mint grows like weed! It's invading everything!
    I'm definitely feeling a little overwhelmed with all the spring cleaning. It seems like my need-to-get-done list grows quicker than I accomplish anything...

  3. Actually I'm sad this spring. We have moved 3 times in 2 years. Last year I had a huge garden but the old Victorian house was not livable, cold, no first floor bath and I could no longer do the stairs. We are sitting in a condo, lots of rules and only a 4 x 8 foot patio..of course no flowers or garden stuff. We are looking for a house or land to build so I'll be doing bulbs this fall. I am so jealous of you ladies with a garden this year! I have a freezer full of herbs I did up last year in olive oil but the stash is going down pretty fast. I do feel your pain with all the work but even that I would enjoy since I won't even be getting my hands in dirt at all this year.

  4. I had mint about 10 yrs ago for 2yrs and it was good for awhile. Until it spread like wild fire. The 2nd yr I couldn't contain it. I dug it all up and out it went.

    I convinced hubby to have the lawn serviced this year too. I can't keep up with it and hubby is so busy. The guy came by and did his thing. Hubby came home and he was surprised. We hadn't tackled the yard yet with the hard winter we've had. So his work was cut out for him. This guy did a great job!! So kudos to the lawn people!!!!!

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