Thursday, April 10, 2014

It ain't Done till the Paperwork is Done

 I Hate paperwork! With all the spending on charity for the past few months I couldn't put off organizing recipts any longer. Come tax time next year I will be happy I spent so many hours on this not sew fun To Do.
 On and on it went. After a few hours statements, receipts, confirmations, and all that jazz was tucked away in very cute file folders I found at Tuesday morning for $3.99.
 My evening homework this week has been to tie Night Night blankets along with Snuggle blankets for the animal shelter.
20 Night Night totes are complete, 40 more are on order. Tyler and I are going to have our hands full over spring break filling tote bags full of love.

I spent the entire day organizing all the piles of charity items completed over the winter. Talk about a huge job!!  Am I done? Not yet but I have made some really good progress.

I finally found an active chapter for the Project Linus Quilt's. The chapter is about 20 miles from our home, that 20 miles can take 2 hours to drive one way :(.  The short version of a long story is I will go to their monthly meetings to turn in quilts and or make quilts with a fun group of ladies. In addition I am now our local coordinator/drop off site. hummm

Waiting to hear back on the Quilt of Valor quilts I have ready to donate. I hope they can go to local Veteran's but if not I am getting them in the mail ASAP. I need to get the spare room cleaned out!!!

Now that I am finally beginning to get everything in order and too the charities I am realizing I have done a WHOLE LOTTA SEWING!! Holy cow!!

Once I have the time to just sit and think I need to evaluate how we can continue to donate at a pace and expense that fits in our lifestyle. For some it might be as simple as writing a check, others I will continue to use those sewing machines!!

Tonight I am beat! But its a good beat feeling


  1. Look at all those amazing donations!

    And your house it just so cute!

  2. You are right about that tax paper organizing.....can make one crazy. Very nice, all the donated blankets and goodies. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  3. I use to run around with my Conker Cancer pillow cases trying to find a drop off. Now I just send them to
    when they have a contest unless they are going to one of the local Children's Hospitals. This way they get to the hospital's that are most needy. Right now they are doing holiday cases that the Charity asked for.

    All those bags of joy! Can you see the excited face when a child see's one of those monkey's sticking out of the bag!

    Ollie's is one of my favorite places. Sometimes they get in craft stuff that I always grab for kids. The books are super great! Can't wait to see the pillow case dresses. I've seen them tie on one shoulder, two shoulder's and even in the back. I've also seen them with really cute applique's like you make. Bless you for thinking of so many people!