Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Zoo on a shoe string budget

 Wouldn't you know the first thing the little girls would find interesting at the Zoo yesterday was a puddle to play in :)
 Mason man too had to get in on the fun.
 They even LOVED the snakes and lizards, ewww
Our four monkey's and the pink baby bump holding grand number 5
What a beautiful day we had at the zoo!! The weather was perfect, the kiddo's were doll babies, and the price was right!! After a huge breakfast out in the morning we were on our way to what turned out to be the best Zoo trip ever. Who would have thought taking this many toddlers out and about could be so much fun. Of course we all were ready for an early bedtime once we returned home :)
Cost of this outing was $60.00, not too bad IMO. Seeing the look on their faces when they got to see each of their favorite animal was worth every penny. Elephants for Tyler, Giraffe for Karsyn, Zebra for Manson, and Monkey's for Kara. To keep the cost down we packed lunches for all, that was a BIG hit for the kiddo's. Nothing better than sharing lunch from their lunch boxes after a fun filled 3 1/2 hours of exploring.
The drive home....I'm just thankful I didn't fall asleep at the wheel!! You can bet I was down and out for the count last night.
Today we have a BIG super surprise outing planed for them. A spring break special in addition to coupons guaranties 21 hours of wet and wild fun. DD#2 will be joining in for the action today as DD#3 is limited on how fast she can move with her growing baby bump.
Today's outing will be a great finish for a weeks long staycation, I soooo need to get back to the normal routine!!

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