Sunday, April 13, 2014

Signs of Spring

 Brids are singing and the toddlers are doing their thing
 Kara as always is acting out.
 Little Mason enjoying watching the neighbors mow
 What is it about our grands that they all love a lawn mower.
 The exception is Karsyn, maybe she is afraid she will mess up her bow. Dandelion wishes are more her thing.
 And "picanica" snacks to refuel for more spring adventures
 Look at our poor sad deck. She is in great need of some TLC
The lower deck too needs a lot of work. The grands decided they want the playhouse on the deck (for today at least) I sure hope it works out once I get it arranged correctly as I am getting too darn old to move this playhouse every other week in the spring and summer. I suggested to them yesterday if they want to enjoy a different view each week they can use their lawn chairs instead of Nanny moving the stinkin house!!

The weather man has promised one more day with the highs in the 80's before another cold front moves in, I will take it!!

The house is as clean as can be expected on a beautiful spring day like today when all I want to do is sit outside with the wind chimes and birds. Fresh from the clothesline bed clothes are back on the bed. Two pounds of East Carolina BBQ is tucked in the fridge, along with watermelon and cantaloupe for Sunday dinner. If I can figure out how to start the new tractor I will at least get the front lawn mowed before hubby's arrival FINALLY this afternoon. Three days late but at least he will have a week at home (we hope) to help get this yard back in shape after a very LONG COLD winter.

Hubby has grand plans for all he thinks he can accomplish during this next week. Going over his wish list this morning I figure it would take a STAFF to get it all done. He has a staff of one (me) and four little ones who are always up for some play in the dirt time. Well see how it goes. I will be happy enough to have him home where he belongs, the fact that he has a long bed pickup truck perfect for hauling is just icing on the cake. Ha

Better hike up my spring maxie sundress and see what that new tractor will do!!


  1. Looks like Spring is there for sure. I am glad that hubby is home for a week.....even if he is going to work you like a mule to get things done. xo Diana

  2. Don't they always have grand plans?? :) Be sure to update us how it goes. You, on the other hand, relax and enjoy time with your grandkids (Um, unless these two things are self-exclusive :)...

  3. Oh, your photos are wonderful. :) The photo of your granddaughter with the dandelion made me smile, my daughter used to call them "lion flowers", I think because the ones gone to seed that you blow on, were round like a lion's mane. She also called the neighbor's chow dog, the lion dog.

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