Saturday, April 26, 2014

Grand End to Spring Break

  The last of our spring break outings was a secret super surprise trip to the Great Wolf Lodge. The toddlers had no idea what they were about to experience however Tyler had been a few times in the past he was sooo excited. Talk about going crazy when we pulled into the parking lot!! The kiddo's were blown away by their very own Cub Den to sleep in tucked away in the corner of our room.
 Tyler showed his little brother and sister how to ride and shoot the water guns
 Kara and Mason loved having water gun fights
 Here is another of the many water features at the indoor water park. Once the Daddy's were off from work to join us the little girls were hooked on this tree house water slide. Thank goodness they are old enough to understand that some things can only be done with the daddy's
 In the evening after baths and PJ's we spent time in the main lodge for story time and an animated show
 The little guys could have sat all night enjoying the show's while Tyler was off with DD#2 doing some of the big kid activities
What super surprise sleepover would it be if they didn't have at least one pillow fight!
 Spring break activities are done, Whee its over!! Its was so funny to hear the DD's talk about how tired they were when we finished up the last of our outings yesterday. DD#1 and # 2 are both teachers,  they agreed they would be glad to get back in the classrooms Monday morning where they could get some rest! Ha Now that DD#3 is large with baby she got out of participating in the water park/sleepover trip. I can tell you she didn't mind at all! I slipped out at 10:00PM myself to head home for a short good nights sleep.
This by no means was a frugal outing wasn't too bad. A spring break special combined with a 20% off coupon brought the cost way down. Bringing in our own food, drinks and snacks saved us a ton!! Passing on the extra add on activities would have doubled the price for sure. I haven't taken our girls to a water park in years, they preferred just hanging out on a beach when they hit the preteen years. When we returned to our homes yesterday I started checking the prices on a stand alone water parks, holy cow $48.00 each for a day pass, and you can not bring in your own food or drinks!
Turns out we got a SUPER deal once I checked around on line at the other parks. For less than we would have paid to spend the day at a regular park we had a REALLY cool room which included the park pass from 1:00 the day of check in until 9:00 pm the day of check out.
So many lessons learned. Make sure to check on line for coupons. Don't be afraid to ask if coupons can be used on the special package deals. Ask for an activities schedule to be sent to you by e-mail so you can plan your trip even if it is only a day trip!! Park you own food and drinks then add extra, swimming makes everyone hungry. If your at a more mature age be sure to play that card!!! Gosh Nanny is too old to play honey, I will just take photo's OK???  After all you footing the bill you have every right to make up the rules right?? Ha


  1. LOL, Debby. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with the kiddos- even if you did sneak home to sleep. lol It was a fun Spring break and one the kids will remember for sure.

    Hope you have a great weekend-get some rest- xo Diana

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time! We have a Great Wolf Lodge here-may have to look into that for our grands!

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