Sunday, April 6, 2014

Saturday Stuff

 At the last minute yesterday morning DD#1 needed a bow hanger for the shower she was hosting in the afternoon. I still had a small piece of  fabric the new Mommy used for babies nursery leftover from the bunting I had made for her.
 One bow hanger for Miss L
 While picking up the wooden letter for the bow hanger I found this blank hat. Humm why not make Miss L a girlie baseball hat.
 Then on to Tyler's game
 Karsyn was rocking her new hoodie
  Mason entertained us all running around as always with a big smile on his face.
 I left the game early to set the shower up for DD#1.  The Mommy to be loved her collection of hand made bibs
 The food and tables were a hit, so dainty and peaceful
I am loving these painted then distressed mason jars
All of this activity followed by dinner out for a GF's Birthday had me wanting to just crawl under the table for a nap last night! Today will be a SLOW day for me!! A load or two of laundry, clean up the mess of last minute sewing yesterday morning then on to the sewing room, I need to tackle the huge mess it is in once again.
It seems like all I have done this past week is make a mess, clean up a mess, make another mess, then clean up once more. I have PILES of charity sewing completed that needs to go out the door. Delivering all these sewn with love piles is my main focus for next week. I am so far behind inputting charity receipts its not funny. That too needs to be caught up and organized. Last but not least I need a few hours to sit and reflect, prioritize, plan, and come up with a reasonable schedule for our charity commitments. I am close to over extending myself... Hubby will hopefully be finishing up in TX soon. My free time will be cut drastically when he is home full time (we can only hope)
I know I want to continue with each and every one of the charities but I can't continue at the pace I have been going. Spring looks to be here for good, the garden and yard are both out of control, just keeping up with the outside work can be a full time job!
Does anyone have any tips to share on how you organize yourself to give back but still meet all your commitment's at home?


  1. Debby, I have been asking the same question for the past couple of years. How do people balance it all and stay ahead? you are way ahead of me on every level, this I know. Love all the photos & what you do, that gal must have been some pleased with all her Handmade Baby Gifts.

  2. I am so enjoying your baby showers. It's a breath of fresh air to see "homemade", both gifts and food. I don't know how these girls got caught up with showers held in restaurants and gifts registered but I hate it. You table looked so pretty and inviting.

    My charities are going to change and this could really take over my life. I'll be giving up the local nursing home. Son just started working with the VA nursing homes and these military seem to be the forgotten. My quilts will now go to Pa. VA. nursing homes instead of the fellows on active duty. I will still make pillow cases for Conker Cancer kids. I too hope to find a way to balance home and charity.

  3. What pretty sewing and a beautiful shower! I like the distressed jars and your bibs are great.

    How to get it all done is a mystery to me. I do the have -to jobs but I just can't seem to find ways to do everything I would like.

    Our baby grandson turned 1 today, and I guess he will be in full time school like his big sis when he is 3. Maybe then, I will have more time for hobbies, but I will miss these baby years.

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