Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Break

 DD#1 and I decided to treat the kiddo's to a morning at the Extreme Fun Zone while DD#3 went to her Dr's appointment to check on our soon to arrive addition. The toddlers have NO FEAR!! :(
 The supper slides are for Tyler's age and size group
 However the no fear toddlers think they are too big for the baby slides. They just about gave me heart failure.
 Even little Mason man got into the dare devil mood
 As is always the case Kara is our nut case, she loves to get us going with her extreme drama acts
DD#3 informed me today that grand #5 is due in just 5 short weeks, Yikes I thought it was 7 weeks. I need to put it in full gear to be ready for his arrival

With school out this week for spring break DD#1 has planned little inexpensive outings for the grands all week. Yesterday was the drive Nanny crazy at the fun house day. I am too old for all this dangerous (to me) play!! After a few hours in the crazy place the DD's treated the kiddo's to lunch out. Me? I went home as fast as I could go for some aspirin, the place made me crazy!!! Cost per kiddo $5.00, pretty good deal for a full day of play if you could stand to watch them that long.

Today is the Colombia, SC Zoo. I am not looking forward to the 2 hour drive in rush hour traffic that I am sure will turn the drive into 3 hours or more. We hope the toddlers will wear out early so we can head home before we get stuck in the evening rush hour mess!! For now the toddlers are more excited about the "Pickanika" lunch we will be having with their new lunch boxes. The DD's and I are all in with the "Pickanika" lunch, no nasty $5.00 hot dogs or slices of pizza!!

We had originally planned to make the zoo an overnight trip but realized we would need at least two rooms to fit us all in. The idea of sleeping with all of the grands at the end of a long day at the zoo along with the cost seemed a bit EXTREME to me!! I love them to death but at the end of the day they gotta GO.

Oh for the good old days of spring break where a new jump rope, box of sidewalk chalk, and a big bottle of bubbles was all they needed for a fun filled week :)


  1. We just went to one of those indoor places with the big blow up slides last week. The kids had so much fun.
    Have fun at the zoo. I always say I am bringing my own zoo with me when we go. We like packed lunches, too. xo Diana

  2. My daughter and I did a similar water ride a few years ago and I thought I was having a heart attack! Scary Scary for me!!!! Never again!! Kids are so fearless today!!! Having fun is what it's all about.

  3. Oh' I am sure my baby will going to enjoy that place too. Glad that you shared this to us. Keep posting.

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