Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Surprise Visitor

  I am donating pillowcase dresses to a friend of a friend for a mission trip coming up in July too the Dominican Republic. While out and about looking for deals on books for Project Night Night I wondered through the linen isle where I found 12 packs of pillow cases. Pillow cases are really hard to find as most are sold with sets of sheets. This was my first visit to an "Ollie's" store, talk about some deals!! It will be my new go to store for childrens books!!!
 How about that price!! By using my scraps/stash to add a bit of pretty I will be able to make up 24 dresses for $1.00 each!! Making pillow case dresses are not on my current to do list but when the time comes I am all set
All day Sunday and Monday was spent trying to get things back in order around the house. While I am not finished yet I do have it on the run. Maybe two more days and things will be back under control. Since I arrived home from vacation things have been topsy turvy, just too much on my MUST DO NOW plate

Is this not the ugliest creature on the face of the earth? How would you like to look up and see one walking in your back door? OH MY I still get the creeps just thinking about it. AJ the beagle and I were snuggling on the sofa Sunday night watching a movie while tieing blankets when out of the corner of my eye something moved. A possum was just peeking its nasty head in the back door, ewwwww I jumped up growling like a mad woman running right at it. One nasty hiss and it was on it's way back out. You better believe I won't be propping open the screen door ever again!!!!

I still have the creeps after chasing that possum out the back door. What in the world I would have done if it had come after me I just don't know. AJ the beagle....she dove a little deeper under her quilt when the action began. I finally gave up on her ever calming down and just took her to bed. Some hunter that dog is!!

What a great two days of uninterrupted, no errands, just let the phone ring couple of days it has been!! If I can stay on track I should have things caught up and in order again. Too many things have been slipping for too long. I hate to have that overwhelmed feeling, knowing I bring most of it on myself is nuts. I do have some running that must be done this week but I have decided Wednesday is the running day. I want one more day to myself concentrating on the home front.

I have a GOOD visitor coming in over the weekend. I want the decks cleared so we can enjoy our time together. Wanna take a guess who gets to have a nice visit at home so soon? Yep, its hubby. The project is in a little bit of a lull for now before he gets too busy to do anything but eat, sleep, and work. Is much as I hate to see the hours he puts in, after years in this business we know it means the end of the project is in sight. I know not to get my hopes too high as there always seems to be another change of plans but this time we have decided he just HAS to have some time at HOME before going off again. That may mean burning a whole lot of vacation days to get the time but he has more than he will ever be able to use until retirement. I am ready for this ship to have a two man team!!

Back to the task at hand, more sorting, list making, planning, and merry making for today.


  1. Eww I know what you mean about possums- we have had them in our garage but I may be able to top your visitor. Last night we had a bat in the house!!! I went to turn a lamp off and he was hanging from the lamp shade! I guess he came in through the chimney- we have had a bird or two over the years but this is a first! I was screaming like a crazy woman. Ewww! Angela

  2. What a wonderful bargain you found with those pillowcases! The dresses will be a wonderful gift for those girls. I'm glad the possum decided to turn tail and run away instead of toward you--they can be very nasty and mean!

  3. Debby- You have been busy! And I can't imagine looking up and seeing THAT coming in my back door. That is some "protector" you have there-lol
    Hope you have a great time with hubby home- xo Diana

  4. I'm a possum fan. Apparently I may be alone in that:-) They are more hissy than anything. I'll bet he was more afraid of you. Just think of the story he's telling

    What a deal on those pillowcases! Wish we had an Ollies.