Thursday, April 17, 2014

Resting our Bones

 All this tilling, racking, mowing, digging, and such was put on hold yesterday. It was nice to just sit at the embroidery machine for a few hours. Lots and lots of monogramming on ribbons for some sweet Mommy's
I did the embroidery, well at least I watched the machine do the embroidery while I day dreamed of a garden fairy that would come along to finish all of the work. The mommy's can create hair bows like this one with the piles of monogrammed ribbons that are completed. I hate making bows!! You can never have enough hair bows for little girls here in the south.

Hubby had to spend all day in a meeting yesterday. The work we still have to do around the yard requires a team of at least two so I was able to get some down time in. Thank goodness!! We have been at it from dawn till dusk since Sunday with miles more to go before we can call it done.

While we won't be able to finish everything on our To Do before my main man has to head back to TX we have come a LONG way!! We have two more days of hard labor with various grands by our side and Mother Nature playing her mean tricks. I think hubby is ready to go back to work so he can get some rest!!!!!

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  1. That is bad when your paid work is more relaxing than work at home :)

    I am so glad you have some lawncare help lined up. With that new baby, any free time you might of had will be spent cuddling and caring for that sweet thing.

    happy Easter to you all-