Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gadget Grouch

Not my Photo!
The pile of cell phones or whatever they are called now days is too me a pile of mostly useless crap! You see I have finally come to the conclusion that I am a gadget grouch. I have known for quite some time I have a HUGE adversion to these devices but today, right here, right now, I am going to share with the world if you are around me you best be tucking that gadget away! Oh ya, and turn off the beeps, dings, or whatever it is that alerts you that someone, someplace might have posted they are getting a pedi.
I am not only very anti gadget I am also menopausal. There is a chance I might forget my southern manners and throw your lifeline out the window due to my "condition"
Here is what I am sick to death of.
On their phone while driving
On the phone in the check out line
On the phone at restaurants or any public place for that matter
On the phone at the family dinner table
On the phone in the restroom
On the phone during your child's sports games
On the phone in church
On the phone during your child's special program at school/church
I need to stop, just thinking about all of the places people are pluged in has me reaching for another Doves Dark Chocolate.
I had a friend who invited me to lunch one day not long ago whom I had not seen in too long a time. We chatted for a very short time before she checked her gadget that was sitting right beside her fork. No excuse me, or hold on a second let me check something, she just started scrolling away checking her text messages, FB, e-mail, tweeter, or whatever it is people feel sustains their life these days. How rude!! As our meal was delivered she was still at it, laughing at whatever it was she was reading, typing away with a big old smile on her face. She never acknowledge the server, thanked her for the food or even looked up. She did finally put her gadget down to shove in a bite or two before the gadget binged again, she was then back at it.
I sat for awhile quietly eating....then my "condition" started to kick in. Once the "condition" gets going its hard to tame the beast that's within. I had three choices, release the beast, give her the "look", or just finish the meal as quickly as I could and get the heck outa there.
I never had the chance to give her the "look" as she never made eye contact while working her gadget and shoving food in her mouth. At one point she did ask a question or try to strike up a conversation but it didn't last long as the bings continued. I finished my meal, got her attintion to say "will you excuse me?" then left. She called later that day to tell me her feelings were hurt that I had "Just left her at the restaurant to eat alone" In the nicest way possible due to my "condition" I tried to explain why I had finished my meal then headed home. I have never, nor will I ever accept another lunch date with her and her gadget, my "condition"  you know. She might not agree with me but she does at least respect my odd "Obsession" Ha
During DD#3's baby shower Sunday I noticed DD#2 was holding up a gadget looking into it intently. My "condition" came on so quickly I couldn't stop myself from blurting out DD#2 put the PHONE DOWN with the "Mama ain't happy voice". Come to find out she was taking photo's of her sister opening gifts. My bad. I did apologize to her explaining I forgot phones do more than just make calls these days and ask her to give me a heads up next time. I have a "condition" you know.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy just as much as anyone else the connvenience of cell phones for emergencies or just to let someone know I am running late or some such thing. My cell phone stays in the car. I don't need something beeping, dinging, ringing, or whatever scaring the s... out of me when it goes off as I am eating or shopping. I also have no desire to share with the world at large my private conversations.
My cell phone is 12 years's a flip phone...the battery falls out sometimes as Tyler lost the back years ago when he was teething on it (Ty boy is now 7 years old) My phone won't text....I don't need a phone that does text as I couldn't see all those little words without a magnifying glass. My phone doesn't talk to me....I can't ask it questions. I'm OK with that as I don't think I want to converse with a gadget. I don't know if my phone takes photo's as I am afraid to touch any buttons other than the volume. I have a super nice camera to take photos with. I don't know how to turn my phone off, I just remove the battery instead (no back due to toddler remember).
I wish Hallmark would come up with a "Gadget Free" holiday. How cool would that be. They could make up some really cute cards that people could send to each other in the MAIL with real WORDS written on them that people WRITE by hand!!!!
I must close now as I feel my "condition" is kicking in. Time to get this day started gadget free!!!


  1. That is so me and I'm menopausal too! I cried the day I dropped my flip phone and broke it. I did replace it but not with a smart phone. People are no longer being taught manners or respect for others! Keep giving 'em heck girl!

  2. I LOVE THIS POST!! It drives me crazy too! No one smiles and says 'hello' in passing on the sidewalk... they are too busy looking at their phones. I am so proud of you for walking out on your 'friend'; she wasn't having lunch with you, anyway, that day! She was having lunch with her gadget!

  3. Amen! Totally agree with you. It's just rude the way some people prefer their phone over conversation with the person they're physically with. It's as if the world will end if they don't have the phone right next to them and immediately answer when they get a message. I'm tired of it too.

  4. Amen to you and all the above. I have a flip phone that I turn on only to make a call, or when I'm away from home and one of the boys might want to get hold of me. I do want you to know that I have taught our children some manners and they are pretty good about staying in the conversation (at least with me) without checking their phones constantly. It's a struggle!

  5. So glad I am not alone. I hate trying to shop and keep my mind on my list with 3 or 4 people in the same isle talking like they are shouting across town at whom ever they are "chatting" with. I don't have a cell. I should have a cheap one in the car in case of a breakdown but that would be it's entire use. The only gadget I can truly say I love is the GPS. It's great not to get lost but the gadget doesn't interfere with anyone else's space.

    Hand written cards! When I do get one of those in the mail I hang onto it for months. By the way, I was glad to see gifts made for the baby showers. The last few I've gone to sent me a list to pick from with the emailed invite. Seems you now register for baby showers just like weddings. I got to see "my" gift at the shower since it was picked up by someone else. The last shower "my condition" kicked in and I bought my gift, wrapped my gift and wrote out the card myself and arrived with it in my hand. That might end getting any invites but that's not going to bother me.

  6. You have hit on my pet peeve. Don't invite me somewhere and then spend the whole time tweeting, twirking, twitching-whatever. It drives me nuts. We have a "thing" at our house-when the grandkids come over it is a gadget free household. We actually interact and play games, etc.

    I still have a flip phone, too, and my SIL is an exec with AT&T and has tried to convince me to go with their latest and greatest and my other son sells and services for a large cellcom it is just me-dragging my feet. I guess I just don't want to be "on air" every minute of my life. I kind of feel the same way about Facebbok though, too. Please don't tell me the last time you went to the toilet at Applebees on FB! lol xo Diana