Friday, April 18, 2014

Busy Times

 Kara and I got right on our baking for Easter yesterday morning. She was in charge of cupcakes for the grands.
 She was mighty pleased with her creation
 I was in charge of this Peeps sunflower cake for hubby, He LOVES Peeps, I can't get even one down for the life of me, yuck. I am thinking Peeps are in a love it or hate it category. The chocolate cake I will have no problem eating!
 Our evening was spent at Tyler's baseball game. Since there were no trash cans close by Karsyn and Mason entertain themselves by digging in the dirt
 As well as getting belly bubbles from Papaw
 Ty was so happy to get a hit for his Papaw to see
As Mason man was cheering him on.

Busy days and busy nights has been the name of the game this week. We are doing our best to cram it all in. We both fall in bed each night knowing the next day will be just as action packed as the last!!
Today will be no different.

Kara and Papaw will work in the yard while I get a mini early Easter dinner prepared for this afternoon. Tyler will have some alone time with Papaw at a movie while I try to get Kara to nap before we color Easter eggs with all of the grands followed by our early mini Easter dinner. Hubby has to head back to TX in the morning :( but we are both very thankful he has had almost a week at home. I have teased him the past two days that he needs to get back to work so he can rest. There is never down time around here it seems.

Lots of talk about early retirement if and when we had time to just sit and visit this past week. Hubby loves his work, the pay is very, very good but nothing can make up for the time he has been having to spend away from our family.  Early retirement is a scary thing in this economy, at least to us it is!! We have a plan......

There might be a chance hubby will be in the office over the summer this year. If that should pan out we will be doing a few trial run retirement months. The first month will be to spend as we always do to see how short we are by the end of the month. Month two will be regroup to try being more aware of our spending  living within our fixed retirement budget. Month three will be a reflection of the previous months. Do we hold off on his retirement until 65 or is it OK to pull the trigger at 62. What can we do to try a semi retirement lifestyle as he continues to work but at a part time bases. Is a consulting business a better bet?

One thing I do know is this man of mine needs to get the heck off the roads, motels, apartments, condos, fast food and all that goes along with his travels. Another thing I know is he will be bored to death being home 24/7. I also know the majority of our wastefull spending is on the grands and our big kids. Not that they need us to spend we just can't seem to help ourselves!!!

Here is a good example of spending we don't need to do. I try to post photo's of the grands on FB for hubby to see during his time away from home. He goes crazy seeing the kiddo's running around in any shoe other than tennis shoes.  First thing on his To Do's this week was to get tennis shoes for all of the little ones. Did we stop there? Of course not, we also bought them each a pair of casual/church shoes. Eight pairs of shoes even on the buy one get one 1/2 price sale ain't cheap. See what I mean? We are hopeless!


  1. I am in the hate peeps camp, but your baking looks delicious.
    We are working on a plan to hopefully allow my DH to retire early but we don't know that it is going pan out. Well be happy if it does, but who knows.

    I know just what you mean about spending on the grands that we don't really need too- but, for now, it is OK.

  2. We made a drastic decision to cut way back on what we were spending on the grandkids a year ago. Guess what? They don't even miss it...and it has stopped a big drain on us.

    WE have been busy, too. IF you get the chance pop by my blog and sign up for the giveaway- I see you like baking!!!! so you might like the giveaway! xo Diana

  3. LOL on hubby wanting to buy the kids new shoes. My hubby is the same way.... his response is always 'go buy it' if I mention something for the grands. ;) I agree with YOU on the Peeps.... no thank you!