Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hunting Bargains

  I spent the entire morning yesterday looking for a good deal on summer tops for the little girls to deck out with all of the embroidery designs I have stitched out. After striking out at three different stores I ended up at Gymboree where they had a 50% off sale in addition to earning Gymboree bucks.
 Five Easter shirts complete two more to go!! As with other shirts I have fancied up for the grands I basted these designs on so I can remove the baskets after Easter then replace them with something else. I have lots of something else's ready to go!!
 One stop that wasn't a total waste of time was Wally World where I found these no sew blanket kits marked down to $7.00 each!! Yippee I was also able to finish off items for hubby's Easter basket, mark one more thing off my to do list.
One of our spare bedrooms has been taken over by Project Night Night! I need to find someplace better to store this what I hope to be an ongoing charity project. This is only part of what I have been able to stash back. The sewing room has piles of fleece waiting to be turned into blankets for the kiddo's.

I need a vacation. I know, I know, I just returned home from a vacation but it was a NO sleep vacation! After 5 days of hanging out with my GF getting no more than 4 hours sleep each night I hit the driveway full steam ahead having Kara for the next 3 days, a baby shower for DD#3, Kara back again, and one day to catch up on everything that had to be caught up after vacation. Yesterday was get errands done, finish up some of the in progress to do's, deliver kitchen and office window treatment to DD#1, inventory Project Night Night items, and make a plan for the next 4 days of grands, tee ball, housework.......See I told you I need a vacation.

The last stop of the day was at Barnes and Noble to purchase one of the Downton Abby books I have had my eye on, gotta love GC's! Since I was already in the store figured I might as well pick up a new Easter book for the grands holiday collection. In the back of my mind I knew there was something else I should purchase but for the life of me I couldn't remember. As soon as I walked in the Project Night Night storage/bedroom I remembered I needed 6 books to go along with the stuffed puppies I found on sale last week :) I think I am going to have to start carrying my notebook with me when I am out and about!

Here is the update on Project Night Night. I have still not had the time to get a group of ladies together to work on blankets Sunday evenings. Every ones schedule's are filling up with vacations, yard work and all that jazz something is always standing in the way, I don't expect things to slow down now that our weather has finally taken a turn for the GOOD! I am rethinking the plan....I may end up just working on the blankets Sunday evenings with an open invitation to whoever wants to join in. For the others who would like to be a part of providing the totes to the kiddo's but don't have the time I am going to hit them up for some cold hard CASH. I am fortunate to have a bit more time to shop around for good deals. I can make their money go a long, long way.

The inventory:
20 totes
31 completed blankets
21 stuffed animals
16 new books

I still need 6 more books, print out the labels, stuff the bags, then deliver them to the shelter. Our oldest grand Tyler who is seven will be recruited along with our DD's to finish the task. We have not done an all hands on deck family charity project in a long time. The time has come. Ty has the week after Easter off for spring break, that's my target date as our big girls too have that week off. Sounds like a plan, sure hope it works out!! Ha

Off for the morning shower then on to pick up the wild child. We are finally able to go to the park in the mornings, what a difference a week makes. Last week at this time we had spitting snow, yesterday it was 84 degrees!!

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  1. You are one busy lady...I know what you are saying need a vacation from your vacation. I have had those before. LOL. Enjoy your day, xoxo,Susie