Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Making up for lost time

Full day of laundry, house work and lots of dehydrating, canning and soup making, this was the outfit for the day. Odd photo I know but how do you take a photo of yourself in an ohhh so cute apron? I love aprons!! They keep my clothes clean when I am in the garden and kitchen, so functional and just as importantly they are cute. I have a ball picking out material and making aprons. Want to make a few vintage aprons this winter, hope I can find the time to give it a try. This one is a full apron with a pocket ( everything seems to end up on my TaTa's, gotta have a full apron)
First batch for the day, our OWN sweet potato's!! Have a dehydrator full of the beauties, gonna be some good eating this fall and winter. Would love to have a root cellar to just stick them in but still haven't figured out how to build one this far south. Some articles say dig a hole on the north side of your property to store potato's, cabbage, squash, apples and such. I just don't see myself sticking my hand down a hole to pull out a tater, just seems too creepy.

Our very own butternut squash, this is all for the season but I am happy to have gotten anything out of the sorry looking plants, cooked them up and loaded in the dehydrator.
Also canned 16 pints of applesauce from the apples Rambo man left in the truck, they were just too mushy to do anything else with. Still need a bushel to dehydrate and can sliced apples, hope we can make a trip to the mountains soon to pick some up.
Last but not least put on a pot of Black bean soup, Minestrone soup and Chili for the upcoming busy days when Karsyn arrives, all are cooled down and in the freezer. I know I will meet myself coming and going after Oct 25th when she arrives.
Still have a pile of pumpkins to bake and dehydrate when the dehydrator is finished with the batches from today and a nice size pile of cucumbers to get in brine for salt brine pickles, maybe tomorrow, done for the day!!

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