Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ready for a quite week

Hope to have a quite week with lots of productive activity around the house, our weekend has been crazy busy and stressful.
Kara Wasn't herself Friday, by the afternoon I knew she was becoming really ill but not sure what was going on. Kelli got her in the the Dr. and found she was dehydrated and had a UTI, she spent most of the day in the hospital having test run and getting loaded up on antibiotics, back to the Dr this morning for a recheck, things are no better but no worse. She will be checked each day for a couple of more days to make sure the meds are doing their job.
We helped with Heathers garage sale Saturday from 6:00 AM until late in the afternoon, baby is due in just 8 short days, what the heck was that girl thinking? It has inspired me to be very brutal while cleaning out our own attic for the next week or two!!! Can I interest anyone in a few tubs of Beanie Babies? My goal this week is to finish dehydrating pie pumpkins and haul as much as I can to goodwill from the attic!!!!! Cut a fresh vase of Zinnia's today, the season is almost over, I will really miss having free fresh flowers in the house

Here was this mornings project, Salt Brine Pickles. We have been getting a few cucumbers from the garden lately, decided I wanted to get at least one crock of salt brine's before winter. This is nothing more than water, salt and fresh cucumbers that soak in brine for a week. I decided to keep then on the counter so I can remember to skim the scum off each morning, our weather is cool enough that they should be fine. The crock bottoms are unfinished that's why a kitchen towel is under the crock, with my luck the counter would get scratched up otherwise. I am using a sauerkraut board to keep the pickles submerged in the brine, hope it will be easier to work with than a weighted down plate! If we are lucky I will be able to throw some cabbage in the crock for sauerkraut later, our cabbage is coming along but not as nice as what we had in the spring.

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