Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Picked up the "Taste of Home" soup special publication last week, we eat lots of soup in the fall and winter, always looking for a new family favorite. One of the tips in the magazine was to line a bowl with plastic wrap then pour leftover soup in and freeze, then pack in ziplock bags for individual servings of leftovers. What a great idea, that was my duhh moment, I normally freeze whatever is leftover in plastic containers, they waste room in the freezer, the soup can stain the plastic, our girls can't seem to remember to return the plastic ware and sometimes there is just too much for one meal. For Bob and I we usually eat 1 bowl or maybe 1 1/2 bowls each of soup at supper, when I used this new method I decided to vacuum pack the soup with 3 bowls each, perfect size for us!! This is going to be a great way to send a quick easy meal home with our girls for lunch or supper (Son-In-Laws not very good soup eaters)

Tried a new Black Bean soup recipe today, need to tweak it a bit for our family then it will be a keeper, YAA. I am a lone ranger today so one bowl was plenty for me, the rest is in the freezer for quick easy meals later on, LOVE learning a new trick!! One thing I did have to do to free the soup from the bowl was to set the bowls in a little cool water in the sink, otherwise the plastic wrap was tearing when I tried to take the soup out to repackage.

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