Monday, October 11, 2010

New Garden started

Got started today on a new garden area for tomato's next year, so far it's 12x12, may be as big as I will go for this year. Still have to figure out the spacing to know how much larger we might need, we want to plant 30 tomato's, that should be enough to can without supplementing from the market. The cardboard should decompose over the winter and kill off the grass, we will add sand, cow poo, compost and lawn waste over the winter, till it under then fence it all in before we plant next spring.

Have a few more raised beds to get started as well but all in due time, maybe Rambo man can build me a few over the weekend, plan on using them for sweet potato's, fingerling potato's and russet's. Also gonna plant Pie pumpkins and cantaloupe in the back. Our goal is to get everything built up over the fall and winter so we are ready to rock in the spring.

Started dehydrating the bushel of apples, they seem a little mushy to me so I will do 1/2 in more apple sauce the rest dehydrated, think Rambo man may have left them in the truck Friday in the heat. Lots more work with apples for the next day or so, all depends on what Kara has in mind for me, most days she just wants me to sing, talk and rock!!

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