Thursday, October 28, 2010


Kara looking very spooky today!
Helped Mommy and Karsyn this morning then home by 1:30 so Kara could come for the afternoon. Full day of babies, wish I didn't feel like total crap!
Tonight I have chicken salad and chicken noodle soup to make along with a desert to take to Heathers tomorrow. Gonna have to pace myself, right now I just want to put on my jammies and call it a day.
Odd thing happened at the grocery store this morning, I went to the upscale grocery because it was more convenient on my way to Heathers, I pulled up next to a lady with a handicapped sticker who was just getting out of her car, we smiled and spoke then went on our way. I noticed while shopping she was eating from the sample of strawberries the store had out, not just snacking I mean really eating, she then pulled out a ziplock bag and filled it up with berries. A bit later I saw her at the deli counter sampling the cheese and meat tray, again she pulled out a baggy and loaded it up before moving on to the bread samples. When I returned to my car she had her trunk opened and was putting her baggies in a small cooker, she had no grocery bags just the things she had taken from the free samples. I came close to asking her if I could help out and pick up a few things for her in the store but I didn't want to take the chance on embarrassing her, maybe I should have given her some money. I felt so bad for her but had no idea how I could help, how do you approach a total stranger who may be hungry? The lady was driving a nice car, not new but newer than what I drive, she was dressed very neat and clean, you would never guess she might be working the free sample trays for her next meal. I am so sad for all of the folks who have worked all their life, paid taxes, done the right thing financial only to end up jobless and looking for food. Bob and I voted Monday morning as we were waiting for our newest blessing to arrive, I hope all of you will think long and hard over the choices you have in the voting booth Nov 1

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