Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh My

Yesterday I had Kody our grand dog, Tyler and Kara... Oh My.... I survived.
I need to come up with a plan.
Monday the 25th we will be welcoming our new grand baby girl Karsyn, when Mommy returns to work in January I will have all 3 grandchildren, Karsyn full time, Tyler 2 days a week, Kara 2 days a week and at times an additional day here and there. I need a plan!!!!!!
Kara is 3 months old now, she can hold up her head, loves to chatter and laugh and likes lots of attention, she rarely if ever takes naps during the day but thankfully for Mom and Dad she sleeps through the night. She is SUCH a happy baby, she is never fussy and rarely cries, she likes for us to talk and sing to her all of the time!! Loud nosies startle her and get her wound up, she is use to a very laid back quite environment.
Tyler is 4 years old and a SUPER HERO, he is the sweetest boy you would ever meet, he comes out with some of the funniest stuff that keeps us all cracked up, he loves to play football, run like a wild man, make lots of noise and has been the center of all of our universe for the past 4 years. He likes lots of attiontion and has had more than most children have in a lifetime!
Kody our black Labrador Grand dog is a doll, he loves attention and hasn't gotten over the fact that he is no longer an only child, he loves to play with AJ (our hound dog) but would rather romp and play wild in the house at close to 100 pounds their play is noticeable to say the least..
Did you notice one continuing behavior from all of our Gandbabies? Yep thats it they all love lots of attention, let me restate that, they all demand lots of attention.
I need a plan..................................

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