Thursday, October 14, 2010

Catching Up

Halloween Tree
Tyler 2009

Family Halloween Album
Loaded the dehydrator this morning, vacuum packed what was finished then hit the scraproom for a little catch up work.
I started a Halloween scrapbook for our Daughter when Tyler was born, each year I add a few new layouts from the holiday, I also have a Halloween scrapbook that I update each year as well as a Halloween tree for each of us, I make an ornament with a Trick-r-Treat photo to hang from the tree's. On top of that I do a few layouts in Tyler's 12x12 scrapbook. I am caught up on all of that at this point but I need to rethink my system!! With 2 new babies this year I need to cut back a bit, I mean really how many Halloween and Christmas layouts does one child need? From here on the Grandbabies will have a layout in our family scrapbook, and layouts in their own families album, then just a Halloween ornament each. I also need to start printing pictures more often to remind me what I haven't scrapped yet!! I have thousands of pictures of Tyler from this year and can never remember what I have already done unless I drag out his current book (he has 7). I do most of my scrapbooking in the fall and winter, spring and summer is devoted to the garden and canning, might need to step it up a bit with 2 new baby girls and do some creating in the spring and summer!!
Weekend is slam packed full, so tomorrow I will spend the day getting bread, deserts and a few meals cooked up while I am setting with Kara, still have pie pumpkins to bake and dehydrate but they can wait till next week when I have a bit more time. For now I want to just keep my head above water and enjoy the wonderful fall weather we are having.

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