Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Long Day

Sweet Karsyn and Mommy arrived home this afternoon after a stressful wait for results on Karsyn's Eco cardiogram, the Dr felt it was safe for her to go home, they will follow her closely until the heart murmur has cleared up. As you can see her brothers Tyler and Kody Jackson are so happy to have a new baby sister!!
I am doing my best to help out where I can but the cold Bob and I picked up from Ty is now full blown, taking everything I can think of to help clear it up fast so I can kiss Karsyn's sweet cheeks soon. Tomorrow Kara and I will head over to get some supper in the crock pot and drop off some frozen soup for Mommy then head out fast so I don't spread any germs to the baby. UGHHHHH!! Headache, runny nose, watery eye's, sore throat, everything hurts, DURN IT

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