Friday, October 22, 2010

Frost/Freeze on the way

We are expecting a frost/freeze tonight so I hit the garden after Kara left and brought in everything that was big enough to fool with along with the Zinnia's. The cabbage, Broccoli and lettuce should be fine but we might loose the rest. Covered all the herbs for now, we have 80 degree weather expected next week, maybe the herbs will make it until then when I have the time to get them dried. Kara and I also made an apple pie from dehydrated apples, super easy to do, heck the pie shell even turned out OK for a change, can't wait to dive in and see how it tastes but I am holding off until Rambo man gets home. Put a pot of beans on to soak for bean soup tomorrow, laid out a roast and ham for the weekend and will get busy on bread in the morning. We need white/wheat bread, rolls and I am gonna give cinnamon raisin bread a try, Rambo mans favorite. Lots of cooking and cleaning to do before Monday when we get to meet Karsyn Rylee, Tyler will be hanging out with us while Mommy and baby are in the hospital so the house will be rockin!!!! Still don't have a plan......

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