Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sweet Potato's

Monster Tater

Spent Friday playing around a bit in the garden, working on a few herbs, of course had to bring in more okra and a few odds and ends, decided what the heck might as well be done with the sweet potato's, stupid vines were everywhere. We didn't expect much of anything since I only planted 4 plants and they were in the square foot garden which we have had no luck with other than for herbs. Well low and behold we hit the mother lobe!! Who would have guessed that under all that twisted viney mess lay over 40 pound of real sweet potato's!!! When I dug up the first one Rambo man was as surprised as I was that we got at least one potato, but as I continued to dig more and more out we both got so excited. Rambo man was putting them in my garden colander as I dug away when he realized heck we need a box to bring them all in.

I should have goggled harvesting sweet potato's before I got started but really and truly I thought we were just going to be doing clean up in the bed, never dreamed we would really get a thing out of it. So we brought it all in and I carefully washed each and every one of the beauties only to read later we should have left the dirt on them and left them outside to harden up for 7 to 10 days. CRAP We hope I didn't mess them up to bad buy washing them off, they are now on the deck where they will stay for a week or so. I need to run up to the farmers market this week so I will take one along and ask my buddies what to do and for how long to do it. If all goes well I will be loading the dehydrator up with some of our own taters soon. Next year we will double the amount planted (8) maybe even more but they are going in the back of the yard where the vines won't take up as much space and make me crazy trying to mow around it all. Didn't plan on cooking the monster potato but a friend who knows her way around the garden said "cook er up" so when the time comes that's what I will do.

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