Monday, October 18, 2010

WARNING I will be RANTING today

Don't even bother to read this post if you don't want to hear a crazy woman rant!!!
We began having a few issues last week when I tried to do a transfer of funds from our savings to checking account, I was in a hurry and just thought aw forget it the system must be having problems. Over the weekend when we tried to use our AMT card to make a withdraw from our savings account we had a problem, no big deal it was at a kiosk, they don't always work, we had no problem when we went to the ATM at our own bank. This morning I tried to transfer funds from our savings to checking account so I could get busy and pay bills, same problem the recording continued to say we had no savings account. After waiting for a Representative I was told our savings account had been closed and converted to a checking account, what the heck, we didn't do that, what is going on. The lady was so sweet and informative and was ready to read from the bank script. The new government banking regulations require ALL banks to close ALL SAVINGS accounts if more than 6 transactions occur in a 1 month period. WHAT !!!!!!! Yep it is true Regulation D of the new banking rules passed by congress. I can tell you I just about blew a gasket!!!!!!
We now have 2 checking accounts that are both just regular accounts we no longer have free checking because we don't have a savings account with a minimal deposit of $2,500.00. This is total BS!!!!!!
I know we bank a bit different than many others, our checks are automatic deposit into savings, then once a week I do a transfer of what we should need into checking. Rambo man's company deposits payroll, expenses, per diem, bonus's and such in this account, it is according to what project he is on and where he is working that determine's how many deposits are made each month, we can only have this set up with one account which is the norm of most companies. We have been banking like this for over 20 years, it works for us, we are able to save more than we had been doing in the past. When Rambo Man is out of town or out of the country he only makes withdrawals from the savings account, we can't always communicate when he is gone, by him only using the savings account we never have to worry we might overdraw our checking account by not knowing what the other is doing. We also have our mortgage payment automatically withdrawn from the account (by the way our mortgage is with this bank) All of this counts against us according to the federal government, they are unable to track our spending, therefor we might be terrorist or money laundering.
I spent 3 hours in the bank after getting off the phone with the banking representative, The folks at the bank completely understood where I was coming from, their hands are tied and they don't like the new laws any more than I do.
So tonight I have to figure out another way of setting up our family finances so that we can have a savings account, receive free checking, have a system in place for Bob to make withdraws that won't interfere with the family budget, contact the payroll department and expense department to set up a new account number to have checks deposited into.
I beg each of you to please consider your vote this year, don't just check a name in the box at the voting booth, google your congress and senate candidates, educate yourself on what the candidates believe in and have voted for in the past. Our family and many others like us are being penalized for living within our means, putting money in savings each month and staying out of debt we can't afford, how about you? Our country is headed in a path that we may not be able to recover from if we don't begin to stand up for the principles that made this country strong in the past.
GOD BLESS THE USA, we need all the help we can get

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